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22 June 2020

Top Gumboot Suppliers in South Africa

Top Gumboot Suppliers in South Africa

Gumboots are considered the most underrated pieces of footwear in the world, largely because many people underestimate their efficiency and versatility both from personal and commercial uses. If you’re wondering about why they are so sturdy and trusty, we’ll be covering the answer just for you, as well as giving you a heads up about some of the best gumboot suppliers in South Africa. Each is a great choice if you’re looking to get your hands on a bulk order, or if you’re just looking for a new pair to get yourself sorted ahead of the next icy winter in the country.

Why Gumboots Are So Efficient

Gumboots have a rich history and have been used not only as part of local culture (we’re all familiar with gumboot dancing, of course), but also as a practical piece of footwear known for its durability and versatility. Often made from rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), gumboots are waterproof and able to weather some of the trickiest conditions you can imagine. Wet, muddy ground is no match for a good pair of gumboots, which can be a big help if you’re going on a hike, or if your business requires employees to brace the weather in the process of completing the services you offer. In the unlikelihood of snowfall, they’ve got your back as well. 


G.Fox is popular for its range of personal protective equipment, and for providing its products to a fair share of industries across the country for decades. They stock a great range of high quality durable shoes for customers to choose from, geared towards meeting industrial standards and requirements. They have a selection of men’s and women’s gumboots to choose from, coming in black or white. We’re particularly fond of their Duralight series, which is a bestseller thanks to its durability and innovative design. 


Neptun began its operations in the late 1970’s, supplying the agricultural industry with PVC gumboots. In the time that’s passed, they’ve expanded to sourcing the food processing and mining industries as well, and they haven’t looked back since. What makes their boots special is that they contain various patents, carefully crafted as a result of years of refinement in collaboration with technological innovation. Their boots are so highly regarded, that in 2007 they took home the prestigious DISA Award for their renowned shosholoza gumboot. Doing it in style, always. 

Silver Lining Gumboots

Silver Lining Gumboots prides themselves on selling gumboots that combine comfort with style, always highly functional and always delivering a high quality product to their customers. Typically catering more to a female audience, these gumboots have a touch of finesse that you won’t find with most industrial suppliers, making them a good bet if you’re looking to place a smaller order for a specific department. Silver Lining offers a big variety of personal gumboot options to choose from as well, fast climbing the ladder as a reputable and trusted provider in the South African industry. 

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