The Importance Of Training Employees On The Correct Use Of PPE And Cleaning Products

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning products are an essential part of health and safety in any business. During the Covid 19 pandemic, the use of PPE and cleaning products was firmly in the spotlight of almost every business and home worldwide. While we all re-learned how to wash our hands, it is important to ensure that employees are properly trained on the use of PPE and cleaning products, even now that the pandemic has subsided. 

Training Employees on Correct PPE Use

While we all associate the term PPE with masks, PPE is a much broader category of equipment. PPE is the clothing and equipment used or worn by workers that help reduce their exposure to hazards while working. PPE can include a variety of different types including: Respiratory protection, Hearing protection, Eye protection, Skin protection, Head protection, Foot protection, Hand protection, Body protection. Examples include helmets, respirators, goggles, gloves, boots and so on. 

PPE is important to ensure the safety of employees. However it is important to ensure that employees are able to use the PPE appropriately to ensure their safety. For this reason training on PPE is vital!

By making sure that employees are adequately trained in how to use the PPE they are provided, you are able to ensure their safety and minimise the company’s liability. 

Training should include:

  • What PPE is necessary when and why
  • What PPE is available for employees to use
  • How to use the PPE properly
  • How to put on, adjust, wear and remove PPE 
  • What the limits of PPE are
  • Care and maintenance of PPE
  • How to check PPE for damage

Training Employees on Correct Use of Cleaning Products

As mentioned above, Covid 19 shone a light on cleaning staff, the use of cleaning products, an how to clean and sanitise effectively. We all know that a clean work environment is vital for employee satisfaction and ensuring that the workspace is conducive to the health and wellbeing of employees. In order to maintain a clean work environment employees should be trained on the correct use and storage of cleaning products. This is vital as the improper use of cleaning materials can not only cause damage to the item being clean, but could also cause severe injury or disease to the user. 

It is therefore imperative that companies provide clear and proper training on the cleaning products that are used, what they are used for and how to use them properly. Additionally it is vital that companies ensure that where necessary cleaning staff are provided with the correct PPE to ensure that the strong chemicals that are often used for cleaning do not cause negative effects. 

Proper training for employees on the use of cleaning products should include the correct ways to handle and dilute different hazardous chemicals, what PPE should be used, the correct use of cleaning machinery, how to effectively and safely perform cleaning and disinfection tasks, as well as how to manage and dispose of wastewater. 

Training employees on the correct use of PPE and cleaning products is important to ensure that the workplace remains a safe environment for everyone to work in. By ensuring that employees have the knowledge and understanding of how to correctly use PPE, why it is important and what the limitations are, the workforce is empowered to ensure their safety. In addition ensuring that employees are able to correctly and safely use cleaning products will ensure that the whole workplace is clean, safe and lends itself toward productivity.