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25th April 2020

Top Workwear Suppliers in South Africa

Top Workwear Suppliers in South Africa

If your company depends on reliable work wear, you may have found that it can be slightly tricky to find a supplier that caters to a wide range of different products. Many suppliers have been slightly late to the online sales game, with some opting to work with single brands to simplify the process. If you’re in the market for work wear, but are not sure where to start, you don’t need to worry, as we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore the three top work wear suppliers in South Africa, giving you exactly what you need to get started on gathering a few quotes, and putting you one step closer to getting the supplies you need. Each of the suppliers on our list is trusted in the industry, with a reputation for looking after their customers as a top priority. 


What is Work Wear?

Work wear, or workwear, is clothing designed for work use, but in particular work that requires some form of manual labour. If your company supplies services in the trade industry, your employees will almost certainly need to be outfitted with durable and safe clothing. The industry itself is growing very quickly around the world, with retailers starting to offer more choices as the market expands, and with technological advancements assisting to provide higher quality products too. 


Jonsson Workwear Depot

Jonsson Workwear Depot is one of the leading work wear providers in South Africa, delivering unique options to businesses as well as individuals. They don’t consider themselves to be product suppliers, but rather, a service solution for businesses who prioritise the comfort and safety of their staff. Friendly and reliable, they provide free shipping in South Africa for online orders of over R500, providing a range of jackets, trousers, shirts, skirts and more to choose from. 


SoapBox Work Wear

SoapBox is an eTailer known for providing corporate clothing and gifts in South Africa. Mostly supplied by the Barron brand, their products are the result of 11 years of experience, with below average cost prices due to decent discount rates from their major importers and distributors. Now a franchise, this means that they have locations and support functionality across the country, which can be useful if you have any problems with delivery or product quality. In terms of corporate clothing and work wear options, they are able to provide added-value in the form of printing, embroidery and custom design, to give you exactly what you want, based on the needs of your business. Win-win!


G.Fox has one of the most diverse work wear selections you will find online. All of their work wear is manufactured in their premier facility in Swaziland, which is dedicated to deliver products based on strict specifications and quality control. Their products are SABS approved, in a factory that produces nearly 20 000 garments each day and creates employment for over 1500 people. From rainsuits, chef’s wear, ladies work wear, aprons, trousers, dust coats, conti suits and flame and acid resistant pieces, they truly offer anything you can think of. Start with G. Fox when you’re a first-time buyer, and collect comparative quotes from there. Good luck!


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