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8 May 2020

Why You Need a 3-Ply Face Mask in South Africa

Why You Need a 3-Ply Face Mask in South Africa

In modern times, and especially in light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have to do what we can to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy and protected. That should also extend to the people we work with, interact with when we’re out buying essentials, as well as anyone we come in contact with. Wearing a face mask can make a world of difference in helping to curb the spread of germs, and some nations are now insisting that citizens have to wear masks anytime they leave the home. While you may have been using a makeshift mask in recent weeks, it could be time to upgrade to a 3-ply mask soon, to help to prevent the spread of germs and illness. Today, we’ll delve into why these kind of masks are important in South African context in particular. 

What is a 3-Ply Face Mask?

A 3-ply mask is traditionally known as a surgical mask, which contains a middle melt-blown layer which is there to contain droplets through absorption. The idea is that these droplets, even if they end up on the surface, are absorbed right away and the mask is no longer compromised. The inner layer is designed to absorb water, sweat and spit, which also makes for more comfortable wearing. These masks are in high demand across the world, and general consensus is that as long as healthcare professionals have access to enough supply, the general public should be able to benefit from added protection too. Demand may still be high, but supply will be playing catch-up too in the coming months as more companies produce and sell these types. 

COVID-19 in South Africa

You can’t talk about wearing face masks without looking at the current situation in South Africa, and remaining mindful that we’re not over the hump yet. As of early May 2020, South Africa has over 6500 confirmed cases and 130 deaths, adding to a collective total of 3.5 million cases around the world. Case numbers are increasing at this point, and there is talk about a resurgence of cases in the third quarter of the year. These statistics show that we’re in for a long battle with COVID-19 around the world, so making sure you’re covered when it comes to the right type of protective equipment, especially before you return to work, can be a good way to proactively do your part to help the spread of the disease. 

The Changing Landscape of the World

We all need to prioritise the idea of buying a 3-ply face mask as the entire world is busy undergoing a mammoth change, and things surely won’t be as they were by the time we get out of this crisis. Civilians all over the world expect increased health restrictions in general, and for the workplace. Travel will forever be compromised, and health checks will become a serious consideration for domestic and international trips. Lockdowns can and may return at any time as a result of this particular virus doing its rounds while we wait for a vaccine. This “new normal” means we have to be prepared at all times, and ensure we take the right measures to protect ourselves and the people around us at all times. 

Your Go To For Essential Health Safety Products

If you’re getting serious about your health as the world moves into this state, G.Fox can help. The company is a top supplier of personal protective equipment in the country, as well as selling a range of cleaning chemicals, paper products and other industrial consumable supplies. They’ve recently added two sections to their website to assist with the sale of essential products related to COVID-19, which is a good starting point if you need to get your hands on any items. Their 3-ply face masks are tried, tested and trusted, and will be able to give you peace of mind that you’re minimising exposure moving into the future, which could make all the difference in keeping the people around you safe too. 

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