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24 November 2020

Where To Buy Safety Harnesses in South Africa

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If your business is dependent on employees making their way to “hard to reach places” (and we’re not talking about those places advertised on infomercials), especially if it involves some form of mid-air suspension, then investing in the right equipment to ensure their safety is the way to go. Safety harnesses assist a wide range of industries with their production process, or in service delivery, which is why they are such an important piece of gear often underestimated by employers. So where do you go to buy high-quality harnesses in South Africa? Let’s dig into this, as well as exactly how harnesses work to keep your employees safe. 

How Do Safety Harnesses Work?

Safety harnesses are put in place to protect the vitals, so to speak. Via a system of straps and buckles, harnesses distribute forces between various parts of the body best suited to support the weight of the wearer. Large muscles like the upper thighs, shoulders and chest, as well the bony mass of the pelvis, all play a major role in safety harnesses helping to keep anyone suspended mid-air (or in a high-risk position) safe and securely grounded at all times. Built to last and with durability at the top of the priority list, safety harnesses are there to ensure the safety of your workers, while also giving them peace of mind that they can carry out their tasks efficiently and confidently. 

Occupations That Involve Safety Harnesses

There are many occupations that involve the use of safety harnesses. Some more common jobs that require employees to wear harnesses include painters, window washers, crane operators, construction workers, rock climbers and even some motorsport experts. Safety harnesses are practical across many industries, which has meant that their popularity has never dwindled or dipped. When selecting a safety harness, it’s more about a durable choice related to the working conditions and some of the requirements of the worker, rather than being too concerned with design or colour. 

The Different Types of Safety Harnesses

There are many types of safety harnesses to choose from, each fitting different types of environments and providing a different level of support. Vest-type harnesses, parachute, chest, full-body and single-strap harnesses are just a few of the types you can explore for your business. The type of harness you will need for your employees is largely dependent on the requirements for your employees to complete their daily tasks. Do a thorough analysis before making any kind of purchasing decision, especially if you’re needing to make a bulk purchase. 

Getting Your Hands on Durable Safety Harnesses

If it’s quality and affordability that you’re after when you’re buying your next set of safety harnesses, G.Fox is the way to go. With a reputation that speaks for itself, these guys provide three different harnesses for you to choose from as part of their online catalogue, each of which caters to a specific niche. Depending on your needs, you would be looking at the scaffold, snap or carabine hook versions, each of which you will be able to find with G.Fox. 

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