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27 July 2020

Where To Buy Safety Boots in Bulk in South Africa

safety boot bulk

Starting a new business can be tough, as you’ll have a lot on your plate and feel like you’re being pulled in a variety of different directions. If you’re in the industrial industry, there is a likelihood that you’ll need to buy equipment for your staff, and knowing where to go to get the basics can not only help you be more efficient with your time, but can be a great way to start building relationships with suppliers. If you’re looking to buy safety boots in bulk from a South African supplier, you’ll have noticed that there are a lot of companies promising a high-quality product. Where do you begin? We’ve taken some time to make your search a little easier, finding three of the best suppliers in the country. 

What are Safety Boots?

Safety boots, often called “steel toe boots”, are durable shoes designed with protective reinforcement in the toe in particular. This is to help protect the wearer from falling objects or compression. This type of design also leans on a mid sole plate to protect from punctures from below, and altogether is on the market to help protect employees from working conditions which will likely lead to accident or injury. Skimp on this, and you might as well have your lawyer on speed dial. 


When It comes to getting a good deal for safety gear, G. Fox has you covered in general. This counts for clothing, shoes and accessories, which is why they’ve built a reputation as a brand you can trust when it comes to these important business supplies. Safety boots boasting high quality and comfortability are all the talk when it comes to these guys, who also have an interesting range of durable gumboots which could also be a good fit for your business. G. Fox saw a need for affordable, high quality products in this sector, and these shoes all meet South African industrial requirements. 

R&R Distributors

R and R Distributors has a big catalogue of “worn safety wear” (as they put it), which gives you a good selection of safety boots to consider. What we like about their offerings in general, is that they look at themselves as a “service provider”, not a supplier of products. This means that they’ll help you along the way if you need to make future purchasing decisions, and possibly even offer you a decent returns policy if you’re unsatisfied with your product. Explore their range of safety boots if you’re looking for inspiration in terms of colour and design, and request a quote if you’re in the market for a bulk order. 


Treadsafe is a leading supplier of branded footwear and workwear in South Africa. Operating out of Gauteng and KZN, these guys are the largest specialist distributors of safety footwear in the entire country. Their history dates back to 1995, and so does their reputation, which hasn’t taken very many knocks since then. Some of the brands available on their store includes Euro Safety, Caterpillar, Bova, Lemaitre, Bell and Hi-Tec. While this can mean your purchase gets a bit more expensive than with other providers, you’re paying for quality and not quantity. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for a bulk discount, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Happy boot shopping!


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