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05 January 2021

Where To Buy Floor Care Products in South Africa

Finding the correct floor care products for your home of office can be an exciting undertaking. With many products on the market, there is a lot of variety to consider. You may not have the time or resources to try a series of products, especially if you’re busy, so we’ve taken the burden away from you to an extent. Today, we’ll discuss some of the best places to buy high quality floor care products in South Africa. It helps to consider what proper floor care is important, and if you’re used to just giving your floors a “once over” every week, you may learn something new here today as well. 

Why Proper Floor Care Is Important

Proper floor care is important regardless of whether you’re dealing with tile, wood or carpet. Each type of floor requires a different approach to cleaning and care. When there is a lot of foot traffic in a single location, as tends to be the case if you have a big family at home or a growing number of staff at your business, it helps to keep the surface looking shiny and spotless, regardless of day-to-day activities. This is not only important in a superficial sense: foot traffic tends to bring in dust, dirt and allergens, which could really disrupt your workflow or leave a few unhappy campers at home. 

Cleaning World

Cleaning World celebrated thirty years in business in 2019, growing from a small business looking for new opportunities to the upscaled Cape Town and Johannesburg based company that it is today. Gone are the days of their first vacuum cleaner imports and today, the company provides a range of products to help make the cleaning process easier. Cleaning World is a national supplier and international importer of cleaning equipment and accessories, working across the borders of fifteen countries. What’s particularly appealing about the products, including their floor care ones, is that they are reasonably priced relative to the volume of product you’re getting. You can’t ask for more when it comes to high quality products to use at home or the office. 


Africa Floor Care

AFC has been around the block and back, opening their doors all the way back in 1996 when creators Richard and Justin were in their twenties. Door-to-door sales would eventually lead to systematic growth, leading to their first warehouse being opened in Cape Town. These days, the company sells cleaning and floor care products to businesses all over the country, including Durban and P.E. When it comes to their products they have a simple philosophy that has rung true regardless of how much the business has expanded. Good value for money meats additional value added services, with a community driven approach to help nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. That’s the way to do it!


G.Fox is another well established company that has a range of cleaning and chemical products regardless of whether your needs include everyday cleaning or heavy duty work. The company has supplied many residential and commercial properties with cleaning materials for multiple decades, utilising some of the biggest brands in the business in the process. From cleaners, degreasers to detergents, G.Fox is more than just their floor care products. Their floor strippers (the non-ammoniated and the Bravo Heavy Duty range) also come highly recommended, making them a one-stop shop for anything related to the care of your floor. Don’t be surprised if you end up buying multiple items from G.Fox, who is renowned for always having a lot of products in stock too.

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