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24 November 2020

Where To Buy Flame Retardant Overalls in South Africa

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Having the right kind of safety equipment for your business is one of the most important things you can do for your workforce, not only ensuring that they can do their job efficiently, but that they are able to be as safe as possible while they are at work. In some industries, working with high pressure compounds and especially those that involve the use or combat of fire, requires specialised workwear that you can’t exactly pick up at your nearest shopping mall. Let’s delve a little deeper into these, while also exploring where you should be looking if you need to order these in due course. 

What is a Flame Retardant Overall?

In its simplest form, a flame retardant overall does exactly what it says: the outfit is essentially resistant to flame and fire, particularly to short bursts of exposure. This not only protects the clothing the wearer has on underneath, but is a safety consideration depending on the type of work environment the wearer is subjected to. Flame retardant clothing can mean the difference between injury and safety, and even life and death. PPE and other safety wear is not something to skimp on in the business budget, particularly if you want to ensure a happy and healthy workforce. 

Industries That Use Flame Resistant Clothing

There are a couple of industries that are prominently known for their use of flame resistant clothing, most of which tend to be fairly high risk (or more dangerous) professions. This includes electric utility line workers, electricians, chemical plant workers, workers in the gas or oil industry, as well as those in the paper industry. Flash fire and scalding are a part of many of these jobs, which require extra care and consideration, especially when it comes to ensuring that the employee is wearing the correct clothing to be able to safely navigate their role in any given day.

The Importance of Keeping Your Employees Safe

From a business perspective, it helps to have employees that feel safe and comfortable in their work environment, not only because it reduces the risk of injury or additional expenses to the legal department. Commerce aside, the human element is very important as well. We all share a responsibility to help each other remain safe no matter if we’re colleagues, friends or family. The onus is on the employer and employee to continue to have an open dialogue about their safety in the workplace, especially in one of the high-risk industries we mentioned earlier. 

Your One-Stop Shop for PPE

This conversation will be a lot easier for employers to swallow if they have a reputable supplier of workwear on speed dial. When it comes to personal protective equipment and other fundamental safety gear for industrial businesses, G.Fox has things covered and more. With over twelve branches around South Africa, they supply thousands of companies with high quality, affordable items that ensure the safety of the employees and also reduce the risk of accident tenfold. If you’re looking for flame retardant overalls for your business, regardless of where in South Africa you are based, they’ve got your back.

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