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05 January 2021

Where To Buy Chef Wear in South Africa

If you’re finally realising the dream of starting your own restaurant, or you’re doing your planning to see what it is that you have to work towards, it helps to consider “the little things”, namely, some of the items that may get left out of the initial budget list. Chef wear, like a uniform for your waitstaff, serves many practical purposes, over and above the health regulations around what they are required to wear. If like us, you’ve always been curious about what chefs are required to wear, and you’re wondering how to go about buying chef wear for the future, we’re happy to point you in the right direction. 


What Are Chefs Required To Wear?

When in the kitchen and while working, chefs are required to wear an apron, usually waist or full bib style. Chef hats can typically be paper or cloth, and some establishments will have requirements around chefs needing to wear a neckerchief. Traditionally, a chef’s uniform includes a toque blanche (white hat), white double-breasted jacket, as well as pants in a standard pattern relative to the other outfits of your employees. Serious chefs wear white coats, similar to what you would have seen on Masterchef or anything Gordon Ramsay is affiliated with. The thick cotton cloth not only looks good, but also helps to protect from heat and splatter. 



Finding any of the chef’s attire mentioned can be done online via e-Chef. Manufacturing over 1600 garments a day, and with 200 000 fabrics in stock, it’s clear that they are serious about what they do at their Cape Town factory. From jackets to trousers & skirts, aprons, headwear and even shoes, e-Chef has you covered. Their mission is to provide cost-effective solutions to serving kitchens and the hospitality industry throughout the African continent, and frankly put, they’re doing a great job of it already. They go over and above in terms of personalisation as well, offering embroidery tailored to the needs of your business as an added value. Winning!


G.Fox isn’t just a great chef wear provider, they are well known as South Africa’s premier supplier of personal protective equipment. With twelve branches in and around the country, it isn’t hard to see why. In the fifty years since they started, their reputation has grown from strength to strength. From skull caps to jackets and trousers, they have your chef needs covered. Their bistro apron is a multi-purpose item, catering to chefs and waiters and giving you the chance to add more of a personal touch across the different departments of your restaurant. With G.Fox, it’s hard to go wrong, so start your search with them first, before getting additional quotes. 


Cape Town Clothing

Cape Town Clothing knows that the right chef wear can set the tone of any business in the food industry. Realising that it not only gives customers the perception of excellence, but that the right outfit also empowers the wearer to perform better at their duties. Because of this, their designs are a little more bespoke than some of the other competitor options, in order to cater to different tastes. Popular products in their catalogue include the Ladies Long Sleeve Savona Jacket (LBC-SAV) in pink, the Men’s equivalent in black, as well as a short sleeve chef jacket that comes in the more traditional white. Since 2009, this business has taken Cape Town by storm, and with new products being created regularly, it looks like they’ll be sticking around for the long haul. 

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