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24 August 2020

Where To Buy Bulk Floor Polish in Gauteng

Where To Buy Bulk Floor Polish in Gauteng

Getting the shiniest looking floor in town no longer requires the use of a corporate cleaning company, and can be something you enjoy at home or at work all year round. If you’re looking to delve into the world of floor polish, it may be worth it to explore a bulk purchase upfront, in order to save a bit on costs. This can be beneficial for businesses or for home use, and knowing where to look can make the process all the more easy. Let’s take a closer look at floor polish and what it does, while also navigating some great options for you to buy the product in bulk, at a great price.

Why Floor Polish Is Underrated

While you may never have heard someone say it out loud, you might be surprised to hear that floor polish is generally quite underrated, largely due to its versatility. You can use floor polish on most surfaces, regardless of whether you have wood or tile or something else at home or at the office, and it also doubles as a great choice for kitchen and tile cleaner when you’re running low on supplies. Floor polisher machines are also fairly versatile, and can help you get the most out of the polish itself, especially if you make the most of all the rotating brushes and pads, which make the experience all the more easy when you compare it to the olden days. 


Dynachem is a good place to touch base with if you’re looking to buy floor polish in bulk, as they have a long standing tradition of supplying polish to businesses and consumers since the early 80’s. They have franchises all across the country, with a hub in Gauteng, while also branching out into the greater African territory in recent years. Cleaning detergent and products are their game for sure, and you won’t be left hanging if you explore their floor polish range, which includes Dynawax/Queenie floor wax polish, a best-seller if there ever was one. 


G.Fox is by no means a newbie in the cleaning industry, supplying products to the market for over fifty years and counting. Their range of floor polish is extensive in comparison to the others on this list, including the Prime Time, Wax Floor, Glolit and Britashine polish ranges. Their turnaround times for orders are impressive, and they are well known for stocking an abundance of products to ensure bulk orders are always filled timeously. When it comes to any kind of cleaning chemical, they should be the first port of call. 

Cleaning Hub

Cleaning Hub is another great choice to keep in mind when you’re looking for floor polish, primarily because of a popular product offering in a 1kg product retailing at less than R30. The company has a free delivery service from the Centurion region, and if you’re a little way out of that they offer fast delivery for a small fee. If you’re looking to support a small business and you’d like a trusty product that will do the job, their Wax Floor Polish is a great way to go. 

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