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05 January 2021

What To Look For When Buying High-Quality Boiler Suits For Your Business


If you’re reading this, you must care a lot about your business. You wouldn’t be looking for high-quality boiler suits if you weren’t insistent on the best for your employees, ensuring that they can do their jobs efficiently and with the least possible risk of injury in the process. Boiler suits are more than just the preferred choice of clothing for Micheal Myers from the Halloween movie series — they are an integral part of the supply chain in a multitude of industries, and if you’re after high-quality options for your workforce, we’ve got everything you need to be taking into account in the process right here.


Fabric Type

One of the first things you should be looking at when shopping around for boiler suits is the fabric type that is used by the supplier you’re exploring. Generally, most boiler suits are made from polycotton, although some (like drill boiler suits) are made out of 100% cotton. Flame retardant suits are also made out of cotton, albeit that this is chemically treated. As a rule, go with a polycotton or cotton boiler suit supplier, as anything else might not be durable enough or provide as much mobility as your workforce will need to be able to do their jobs safely and efficiently. 


Operations Related Features

Another crucial factor to consider when looking for high quality boiler suits is the specific features that the suit has been designed for. This requires you to know exactly what your suits are going to be used for, and what the potential dangers are that employees will be facing in their day-to-day at the business. Flame retardant boiler suits are a must in certain conditions, for instance. This is a specific type of boiler suit that caters to protection from fire. There are many examples of suits catering to things from acid spills to building debris, so make sure you consider your specific work conditions and specifications before placing your order. 

Fair Pricing

As with most things in business, often it comes down to the bottom line. When you’re buying any type of PPE, it’s important not to skimp on costs and reduce quality, but nobody wants to be taken for a ride either. Factor this in when you’re exploring a few different potential suppliers, and talk to them about any possible discounts on bulk orders, and delivery costs to get the items delivered to your door. Ideally, you’ll be working with a supplier that not only manufactures high quality boiler suits, but also offers them at a rate that is sustainable even if your business is still in the phase of growing steadily. 


Supplier Authenticity

Once you’ve got the fabric quality down, make sure you do a bit of research on the authenticity of your potential supplier. This helps for when you have to replace suits in future, or for when you’re expanding your workforce. You also want a supplier that is helpful with bulk orders, has a good returns policy, is easily accessible and provides decent customer service. While this doesn’t directly correlate to the boiler suits themselves, the relationship is one that will span over many years, and it will save you many headaches and potentially having to bounce around between suppliers if you do due diligence upfront before buying a batch of suits. G.Fox ticks all of these boxes right from the get go.

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