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22 June 2020

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Suppliers in South Africa

The Best Vacuum Cleaner Suppliers in South Africa

When it comes to keeping any space clean, be it at home or the office, having the right vacuum cleaner for the job is an essential. In fact, when buying cleaning equipment it helps to cover all your bases, and not to skimp on products or machines you may need to get the job done. Finding the right vacuum cleaner supplier in South Africa can be difficult, especially as the market is oversaturated and there are many brands to choose from. The following companies are reputable options to explore, who are happy to assist you whether you’re buying a single industrial machine, or if you need a fleet of machines for your upcoming business venture. 

Extra Clean is the New Normal

Vacuum cleaning used to be an important way to get dust and other air pollutants out of fabrics, carpets, curtains and more. This not only helped to keep the space tidy, but ensured that the people using the space would not have to worry as much about the air they were breathing in. As the world takes a turn in terms of health regulations thanks to COVID-19, and with the spread of germs fast becoming something people are more mindful of, it’s never been a better time to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. Extra clean is the new normal and in order to achieve this it requires you to put a little bit of cash aside for essential items to do so in the first place. 

Hurricane Equipment

Hurricane Equipment is a joint venture between the Mackie brothers, a pair of South Africans with a vision to provide good quality products at affordable prices. These two are so passionate about this vision, that they have worked directly with suppliers and distributors to disrupt pricing strategies within the market itself. Their store boosts various options of vacuum cleaners to choose from, ranging from the Industrial Wet & Dry machine which retails at under R4000, all the way up to the Turbine Mobile Double Central vacuum which comes in at closer to R35 000. Their catalogue has something for everyone’s individual needs. 


Sebo’s machines are manufactured in Germany, earning them a reputation all over the world. Known for their durability and reliability, each machine is engineered to deliver cleaning excellence every time you use it. Carpet manufacturers even recommend their machines, mostly because they have been proven to help combat allergies and other similar problems. Have a look at the Automatic, UHS, Felix and Airbelt machine varieties, each of which landed on the store very recently, and each with a design that will make it difficult to choose which one you’d like to buy. 


G.Fox is an industry leader in the cleaning equipment game, offering an extensive range of products all the way from buckets through to bins, and of course, vacuum cleaners. Coming in blue or green, their Numatic machines are top sellers because they are affordable and easy to assemble. As of April 2020, the VKP CMVA-1008 is being discontinued, so you may even get a good deal if you’re looking to get your hands on a good machine with a short turnaround time. G.Fox does their best to always bring in the best possible products, which is why waiting could also be a safe bet, as they should be launching new products into their vacuum catalogue shortly. 

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