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05 January 2021

The Top Safety Shoes Suppliers in South Africa

Accidents happen all the time, especially if you have employees in an industrial setting each day. That is why it’s vital to ensure your team has the correct safety gear, including safety shoes that can protect them as much as possible in the event of an accident. Aside from this, the right shoes can also make your employees more productive, especially when it comes to moving around large objects, or if they’re subjected to an environment involving building. Let’s explore some of the top safety shoe suppliers in South Africa, so you know where to look if you’re wanting to show your team that you take their health and safety on the job seriously. 


The Right Safety Shoes Can Save Lives

Not to be underestimated, the right safety shoes can save lives, preventing injury, slipping, or accidents involving nails, wire or other potential dangers. Steel toe boots and shoes are wonderful in this regard, offering increased resistance and possibly even reducing the severity of injuries that may occur in the workplace. While you can’t always prevent injuries in the workplace, especially if it is a physically intensive environment, you can do what you need to in order to prevent serious harm in the unfortunate event of a problem. Safety shoes can be a major contributor to that, so it helps to know where to look to buy them.


Bata Industrials

Bata is known for going a step further when it comes to the safety shoes they offer. They actually work with scientists to do in-house testing, utilising the latest technologies to improve their products with each new release. Founded all the way back in 1894 (you read right!) in the Czech Republic, the company has branched out into other regions, including South Africa, since the 1970’s. Initially more focused on research and development, the creation of Bata Industrials was a response to a new demand for footwear for professionals. All these years later, their range is extensive, and you can even buy safety socks, should you wish. 


When it comes to safety gear, it helps to think (and always consider) G.Fox. These guys are renowned for their safety products spanning a multitude of regions. When it comes to finding the right safety shoes, they also cover boots, gumboots and other options over and above traditional footwear, in order to meet the growing demand of the South African industry. Their Limpopo Shoe, as well as the V8, are popular choices for entry-level options to consider, and it won’t set your budget back too much in the process either. G.Fox is also known for providing great specials online, so have a look through their website and catalogue to see if you can capitalise on a sale too. 


Premier Workwear South Africa

Premier Workwear stocks their products “by protection” on their website, which illustrates the vast range of items they have on sale. When it comes to workwear, they’ve got you covered, and their safety footwear also comes in a decent variety. Popular choices include the R, O, & M ranges within the S1P SRC codes, each containing their own unique style and designed with specific uses in mind. Also have a look at the eye, hearing and respiratory protection items they sell online, which are known for being competitive in terms of price, quality and design. Good luck on your search!

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