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14 May 2020

Top 3 Reusable Face Mask Suppliers in South Africa

top 3 reusable mask supplier south africa

Face masks have become common household items in the midst of COVID-19, with some international countries banning residents from leaving their homes without wearing one, and some shop owners refusing entry for citizens walking around without wearing one. While the rules are continuously being updated as the country fights coronavirus together, ensuring you have access to face masks, especially in times of relative scarcity, can mean the difference between serious cabin fever, versus relative freedom to go and buy the essentials. Reusable face masks are wonderful, as they don’t need to be disposed with each use, and if you look at any of the following suppliers, you’ll be able to get your hands on the perfect mask for you. 

New Laws and Types of Reusable Face Masks

Hong Kong has 7 million citizens, all of which are now being forced by law to wear reusable masks regardless of the reason they are leaving their homes. This type of rule has been implemented in many cities around the world, and could soon be commonplace in South Africa as well. Reusable masks are typically made of cloth or cotton, both of which allow the wearer to wash the item efficiently, without worrying that it is going to come apart or be destroyed. If you’re proactive enough, you should be able to get your hands on a couple for you and your family before this starts to be the case. If not, it also helps to explore other mask variants, but remember that protection may be reduced when not following CDC or WHO guidelines, which are available online. 

Pienaar Bros.

Pienaar Bros. is the first place to look if you need a reusable face mask in South Africa. With over 5 decades of experience, the company is a major player in the personal protective equipment field in the country. To put it in perspective, these guys stock in excess of R80m’s products in their warehouses, and recently they’ve done a major push to help meet the new demand as a result of COVID-19. This includes releasing various face masks, including disposable (COM4 line) and reusable (comfort series) options. Depending on your needs, especially if you’re going to be back at work in the near future, you’ll be able to find just the right type on their online store. 

Online Masks

Online Masks might not have the most inventive name in the world, but it tells you exactly what they do. A relatively new business, this company was only registered this year, and trades out of Cape Town. They focus solely on mask production and distribution, in a bid to help the country combat the spread of the coronavirus, especially in lieu of the fact that there is a critical shortage of masks available to begin with. Locally produced, their SneezeGuard face masks are best sellers for a reason, providing a barrier between infected and healthy people that may well help to save lives. Better yet, it’s reusable and fully washable. 


G.Fox hardly needs an introduction, as they are well known for being South Africa’s premier PPE provider, offering products on the go to industries, companies and individuals alike. If you’ve seen their website recently, you will have noticed that they’ve swiftly added a COVID-19 section, as well as an “Essential Products” one, which includes reusable face masks, face shields, infrared thermometers and more. Their reusable face masks are made from polycotton fabric, are effective in covering nose and mouth, and are sold in batches of twenty. G.Fox has you covered during this pandemic, and we expect they will be expanding these new sections on their site to meet with the changes in consumer need, as they typically like to do. 

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