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22 October 2020

Top Latex Glove Suppliers in South Africa

Latex gloves are multi-purpose items, used in a wide variety of industries across the board. The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has made them all the more popular, especially as they are now required to be used in more business and general living spaces than they were previously, and especially as they have seen a surge in demand within the healthcare sector as a result of the onslaught of COVID-19. What are the primary uses of latex gloves, and are there different types to consider before you make a buying decision? We’ll also point you in the right direction today about the top latex glove suppliers in South Africa to consider if you’re on the hunt for a good deal and a high quality, durable product.

What is the Primary Use of a Latex Glove?

Latex gloves are commonly used in medical applications, often even being used synonymously with the term “medical gloves”. These gloves are disposable and are used between medical examinations and procedures to prevent cross-contamination between the doctor, surgeon or nurse, and the patient. These types of gloves are handy as they are totally ambidextrous and are not hand-specific, meaning they can typically be used on hand sizes and shapes of all kinds. In 2020, these gloves have become a pivotal tool in the testing process for COVID-19 across the board, and especially with “on the go” doctors who carried out early testing on public transport in the onslaught of the virus at the start of the year.

The Choice Between Latex & Nitrile Gloves

When exploring different types of gloves, you may come across latex and nitrile as two of the most viable options to consider, especially if you’re on the hunt for a disposable option. It can be hard to distinguish between the two with the naked eye. As a rule, latex gloves are known for giving the best protection against viruses and bacteria, whereas synthetic options are better for chemical protection. Nitrile gloves are special, as they are designed to offer a high degree of virus protection on top of the chemical protection they are specifically engineered for. Depending on your needs, one or the other might be the right fit for your circumstances, so be sure to explore both options.

AMT Composites

When starting to look for a latex glove supplier in South Africa, AMP Composites is a good place to start. Originating back in 1990, they are well known for being a premier supplier of specialist composite material to important local industries like manufacturing, marine and even aerospace. They sell medium and large versions of latex gloves in order to provide a wider range of options to the consumer, and in case of a situation where someone has a “larger than average” hand size, although most standard sizes should be wearable by anyone. Aside from this, they run regular seminars and exciting product launches, tapping into industry experts to ensure they remain at the helm of what the needs of their customers are. With branches in all 3 major cities in the country, you can’t go wrong when getting a quote from them.

G. Fox

Another top latex glove supplier in South Africa has got to be G.Fox, known as the country’s premier provider of personal protective equipment, cleaning chemicals and paper products. They sell a range of latex gloves as part of their catalogue, including a budget version that provides great consumer value at an affordable bulk sale price. They also sell reusable latex gloves from prominent brands which can be useful if your business deals in products or services that are not specifically prone to bacteria, viruses or chemicals. G.Fox is somewhat of a one-stop-shop if you need to buy a series of items in the PPE space, and when looking at their “essential products” catalogue, it’s clear that they are already geared and ready to go for life in a post-coronavirus world.

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