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15 September 2020

The Top Cleaning Detergent Suppliers in South Africa

If having a clean office space was important before, it’s double as important now. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to rethink their strategy around maintaining a healthy working environment and mitigating any risks of possible infection wherever possible. Businesses have slowly started to open back up again, but it will be a while until everything returns to normal, or better put, a “new normal”. Getting ready for this, irrespective of the industry you operate in, requires taking the cleanliness of the office seriously. To help you along, we’ve prepared a list of the best cleaning detergent suppliers in South Africa, which will be able to help you find suitable products for both the working environment, as well as cleaning related to operational or industrial functioning of the business. 

Adapting Your Office Budgeting Strategy for Cleaning Supplies

One of the first things that many companies have been faced with as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is a reworking of their budgets, mostly because for many companies, earnings and revenue have taken a serious knock in the first half of the year. When revisiting the business budget, try to avoid making cuts in the cleaning department. If anything, the line of your budget should be shown a bit of extra love, especially if you work in a sector that may be hit with tight health regulations for the rest of the year. While cuts may be inevitable in other areas, prioritising cleaning and the costs attached to it are a must and there should be little compromise wherever possible. 


One of the first places you can look for some quotes for cleaning detergent and other products is Britechem. The company has been manufacturing and supplying cleaning detergents to industries and consumers alike for nearly 35 years, earning their stripes along the way. From bathroom to floor care products to general-purpose cleaners and degreasing compounds, their detergents are tried and tested and good to go. Britechem makes a big splash about their affordable prices online, so don’t be shy to ask for a discount if you’re considering a bulk order down the line. 

Mega Magic

Mega Magic first got its start in the summer of 1987, growing into one of the leading industrial detergent suppliers in South Africa in the time since. Based in Kempton Park in Gauteng, the company boasts multiple national tenders and attributes the high quality of their products to the fact that they’ve had the experience to test them out in a range of different industries. If you need a cleaning detergent for the kitchen, canteen, laundry room, workshops or more, they’ve got you covered across their catalogue. Check the “Latest News” section on their website for ongoing specials you can tap into. 


Last but not least, G.Fox is a leader in cleaning chemical suppliers, offering a wide range of products catering to different industrial and personal needs. From their popular ammoniated cleaner to more intensive options (like the BH-38), the company has used decades of experience to refine the products they put to market. We like that you can get something as basic as dish liquid all the way through to heavy duty cleaner on their online store. It’s no surprise that they refer to themselves as a “one stop shop” for anything related to cleaning, or personal protective equipment. 


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