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24 November 2020

Top 3 Hand Wipe Suppliers in South Africa

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Hand wipes can be practical in a business and personal capacity, especially in cold winter months. These have a share of benefits over and above your typical toilet paper or other alternatives, and South Africa is known for having its fair share of suppliers you can turn to when you’re looking to refill your stock. You don’t have to go to a supermarket and pay marked up prices; the following three companies are considered the best viable alternatives, especially if you’re looking to make a bulk purchase or planning on stocking up for the colder months this year. 

The Benefits of Sanitising Wipes

Whether you’re using wet wipes, cleaning wipes or surface wipes, the benefits are relatively similar. Mostly, these types of wipes tend to be pH balanced, which means they are unlikely to irritate or affect your skin while you’re using them. Many wipes are enriched with beneficial properties like aloe or a scent which helps to reduce foul odours. Better yet, they are great to have if you don’t have running water around you, enabling you to have access to quick and easy hygiene regardless of where you are during the course of the day. Investing in hand or other wipes and carrying them around with you can greatly reduce your chances of catching colds or other harmful common viruses.


Sanitech is well known for supplying hygienic bathroom products that can be used in all facets of your home and business too. From sanitisers to wipes, toilet paper and more, they’ve got you covered. They are so committed to supplying these services to customers, that they even offer free installation on anything that might need it (like a sanitiser dispenser). Founded back in the early 1980’s, they built an infrastructure and system where one hadn’t existed previously, and now the business has grown to over twenty branches across South Africa. Their hand wipes catalogue is vast and full of choices based on your individual needs, which is why they made our list today.


Sani-Touch has over three decades of experience in the hygiene market, and what we like about them, is that they’re constantly offering innovative new products at reasonable prices. They are committed to providing the best sanitising products, and their hand wipe range is known for being a high quality option for consumers and businesses. What we like about these guys is that they cater to South Africans of all walks of life, with a business mantra related to everyone having a right to basic hygiene. Major kudos to them for ensuring that they can reach a wide audience of all shapes and sizes.


G.Fox is one of the top (if not the best) suppliers of cleaning chemicals, paper products and industrial consumable supplies. Their Kleenex surface wipes are best sellers for a reason: suitable for all kinds of environments, these disinfectant hand wipes are alcohol free and popular for getting the job done the first time. Other similar products on offer in their catalogue includes hand wipe dispensers and refill packs, making them somewhat of a one-stop shop for your hygiene needs. Their impressive service delivery has landed them at the top of the list today, as they are known for going above and beyond regardless of the size of the orders from their customers. 

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