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18 November 2022

The Best Fire Resistant Clothing to Protect Employees

A flourishing fire surrounded by a black background

No matter what industry your business operates in, fire poses a safety risk across multiple varieties of workspace types. In some links in your supply chain, it may even be essential for employees to be exposed to it in order to complete their daily tasks. When this is the case, FR (or flame resistant) clothing is essential to keep them safe and protected. This specific type of PPE comes in many different shapes and sizes, with specific types tailored to the needs of the worker. As an employer, you don’t want to run the risk of serious injury on the job, or to get embroiled in a legal battle over what could have been done to prevent the accident. Here’s how to go about sourcing the best flame resistant clothing to protect your employees. 


When in Doubt

If you’re not sure about whether your company needs FR PPE, a general rule of thumb is to get it anyway for those supply chain links that leave the most room for doubt. It’s always better to be safe at the end of the day. Exploring all the different types of PPE on the market can be overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Start by isolating the specific type of FR you’re most likely to use, based on the actual needs of your employees. A safety officer can coordinate this, surveying the team or department heads to find out what the requirements are on the ground. 


Common Industries: FR Clothing

Flame resistant clothing is used in numerous industries, including the most obvious area of fire service. It is also commonly used in sectors working with oil and gas, electrical utilities as well as research labs. If your business operates in these areas, it’s worth investing well in this type of PPE in order to keep operations from going astray. Do your research to cover both the basic fire protection to all employees (typically part of a standard first aid plan) as well as to those that are actively exposed to flames in their day-to-day comings and goings. 


The Best Fabric Types

Offering a high level of flame protection is only possible with the best fabric types on the market. This makes all the difference at the end of the day, so steer clear from focusing on aesthetic appeal only. Coated nylon, FR cotton, modacrylic and nomex fabrics are renowned for doing a great job to protect wearers from exposure to harsh flames. Technological advancements are working hard to create synthetic options that reduce the risk of exposure no matter the heat the wearer is working with. Keep an eye on the latest trends in your sector to ensure you have the best type for your needs. 


Flame and Acid Resistant Combo

Many manufactures consider flam and acid resistant clothing two of the same when it comes to the products in their catalogue. The same fabric types mentioned earlier are great for acid resistance too. This “two for one” combo is useful to employees that might be exposed to different elements while on the job. Buying PPE that ticks both boxes is not only a smart economic decision, but also allows the employee to work freely across the tasks requiring exposure to one or the other. When exploring your options, consider a choice that gives double protection, in case the business ends up handling new materials as part of a growth trajectory. 


A fireman wearing the correct PPE to do a good job


Secure Full Body Overall

For an all-in-one solution in terms of flame resistance, try a full body overall made with 100% cotton. These cover most of the body, reducing the risks of exposure as much as possible. The right fit will leave your employee feeling comfortable while also being able to manoeuvre themselves in a way that maintains and perhaps even enhances their efficiency on the job. Explore those with reflective tape, practical zippers and flap pockets that actually close. Here is an option that covers all of these bases, and then some. 


Individual Jackets and Trousers

If you have specific employees with specific needs in terms of protection, you can also mix and match a jacket and trousers combination that will work best. Bought individually, these can also enhance existing workwear, offering an added layer of protection on top of what you already have. Look for certifications before you start buying options, and try to stick to the same manufacturer so as to have consistency in terms of maintenance and lifespan. G.Fox promises at least 100 washes for their jackets and trousers in the FR range, all of which are made with cotton and triple stretched seams for ultimate convenience. 


Elevating Your Safety Operations

A safe team is a happy one. Whether you decide to go for overalls to cover the entire body, or to get individual trousers and jackets to meet specific needs based on the production line, the key to elevating your safety operations lies in paying attention to the needs of the team. Not just when you first buy any type of PPE, but regularly as part of evolving (and ever-changing) business operations too. Your safety officer should take command of this, but as the head of the company the buck stops with you. Laying a good foundation with PPE is a great way to offer you peace of mind too, knowing that you’re doing everything you can to keep the team safe from the minute they arrive on the job. 


FR PPE and More

At G.Fox, we pride ourselves on covering many different types of PPE, including flame and acid resistant options for companies across a variety of different industries. We also stock conti and boiler suits, dust coats, thermal underwear and more. Whether you want to cover your bases relative to possible exposure to flames, or if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to take care of any possible threat, we’re here to make life as easy as possible for you. Chat to a member of our team about the best PPE options to make your team feel secure and comfortable on the job.

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