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05 January 2021

Renowned Boiler Suit Suppliers in South Africa

Buying the right equipment for your workforce can make all the difference in the world. Not only will they be able to do their jobs to the highest levels of efficiency, but you’ll ensure that from a safety perspective they are covered too. Boilers suits can be hard to come by if you’re looking in traditional retail stores, not mentioning that they are pricey there too. It doesn’t make much financial sense to buy them in bulk from a regular shop, so where can you look for the alternative? Today, we’ll highlight three options for you to consider, to help put you on your way in an effortless manner. 


What is a Boiler Suit?

A boiler suit (also written as boilersuit), is more conventionally known as overalls or coveralls. These are loose fitting garments that cover the entire body except for the hands, feet and head. Boiler suits are practical in day-to-day industrial use, while also providing the wearer with ample protection against any unforeseen spills, or dirt. Boiler suits are common in South Africa in the industrial area, and usually they come in red or blue.



G.Fox’s boiler suits are a high quality option to choose, especially as they are renowned for lasting longer than some of the competitor options out there. The brand also helps in a way that isn’t all too common in other places, namely, they help you out with how to do detailed sizing for boiler suits, which involves measuring the collar and straight across, to make sure you’re getting the correct sizes with pinpoint accuracy. Their royal blue, 100% cotton option is a best-seller for a reason, and can be seen on employees in some of the biggest industrial companies across the African continent. 


Phoenix Industrial & Safety Suppliers

Phoenix Industrial offers a wide range of colours for you to choose from over and above the conventional blue boiler suit, which is why they made the list today. The company has grown to the size it is today by making sure it partners with the correct garment and other product suppliers, to provide solutions that are well-made, and always considerate of changing and growing demand within various industries. Their CEO has an entrepreneurial spirit, growing on a national scale since 1993. Today their team is 200+ people strong, indicating how this spirit has translated into a successful operation in the nearly three decades they have been around. 


Bova Safety

Bova caught our attention for their reflective green boiler suits, which are unlike you’ll see in many other places. These boilers are great if your employees are positioned in “vulnerable” spots during the course of their work, like being near a busy road in a season when the sun sets a little earlier than usual. Traditionally, Bova got their reputation for their safety footwear options, but by starting to read the market a little more carefully and positioning themselves as a forward-facing company, that all started to change and their products expanded. Today this means they are a force to be reckoned with, providing top quality safety products to various markets in their wake. 

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