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25th April 2020

Reliable Security Wear Suppliers in South Africa

Security Wear Suppliers in South Africa

If you are one of the many security companies in South Africa, you’ll know that your employees do invaluable work to help keep members of the public safe from crime, while ensuring the sanctity of homes across the country. Are you giving your employees the dignity they deserve, by providing them with high quality security wear, manufactured from great suppliers with a reputation for service? Security wear can be quite expensive, so finding the best suppliers in the country is an important activity for any business in the industry to engage in, be it if they are buying for the first time, or looking to update existing outfits. Luckily for you, we’ve engaged in the process on your behalf, weighing up the three best options based on service, price and quality, so you don’t have to spend time doing it yourself. 

What is Security Wear?

Security wear, or security clothing, refers to outfits or uniforms worn by employees from companies in the security sector. Often, this covers a range of industries, including entertainment security, event security, airport security, close protection, shopping mall guards, neighbourhood security guards and more. Items include clothing, hats, badges, ties, gloves, footwear, coats and more. Security wear needs to be durable, has to allow the person to move freely, and needs a professional, authoritative finish. 


G.Fox encourages companies that think security wear, to think G. Fox first. The South African security industry is a challenging one, but regardless of this, these guys have been at the helm of providing high quality security wear to companies across the country. From full range combat to security uniforms, they also offer head-to-toe items required, including jackets, vests and other accessories. What sets them apart from the competition is their in-house embroidery service, which can be commissioned for bespoke designs tailored directly to the needs of your business. They go above and beyond just providing a high quality product, and are always looking to put the customer first in the process by providing necessary extras. 

Simon Workwear

Simon Workwear has over 50 years of experience in providing combat and security uniforms, as well as important accessories related to the security industry. In fact, they are busy expanding their online catalogue, coupled with a new e-Commerce offering, which will be launching soon. This will provide customer login portals and regularly updated product listings directly to consumers, which can be a great time saver for businesses looking to spend as little time as possible for new orders and reorders. It is also a great idea to sign up to their newsletter, which provides details about the latest specials, which can save your company a bit of money in the long run. Simon Workwear is busy getting with these technological times, and soon other businesses will surely follow suit.

KForce Security and Work Wear Uniforms

KForce Security and Work Wear Uniforms has a comprehensive product selection to choose from. Based in Johannesburg, they are proud to distribute across South Africa and the rest of the continent. With trained staff on the ground in most major cities in the country, they offer service delivery that is hard to match by their competitors. One of their defining features is the fact that they refer to client projects as partnerships, continuously opting for transactions where both parties benefit as a collective. Their all-in-one uniform supplier capability, coupled with a range of accessories to choose from to give you a custom design, showcases just why they are a leader in the industry. High volumes are not a problem for these guys either, as they have their own in-land factory, ready to cater to the demands and needs of clients, no matter how big or small.


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