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25th April 2020

Safety Equipment Suppliers in South Africa

Safety Equipment Suppliers in South Africa

Safety equipment is a must-have for most business in South Africa, but especially those in the industrial sector. Ensuring the safety of your employees during the production of your products or while they provide a physical service offered by the business should be one of the top priorities of the management team. Finding the best supplier of safety equipment in a market that is fairly saturated can be a difficult undertaking, so we’ve opted to find the three best options for you to start with, based on product range, price and service delivery. These companies are tried and tested, and a good place to start if you’re looking to equip your staff with the best possible protective equipment to get the job done.

What is Safety Equipment?

Safety, or personal protective equipment, refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles and other items designed to protect the wearer from injury. This includes items to cover you from head to toe, including harnesses, aprons and other unconventional types of protective gear, based on the needs of your business. For businesses in the building or industrial industries, this type of equipment is vital in ensuring the safety of their employees.


HSE Solutions

HSE Solutions operates from a distribution facility based in Tunney Ridge in Johannesburg. A division of the Sturrock and Robson Group, they have developed a reputation as a primary supplier of safety equipment to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Their unique selling point is their ability to keep track of customer activities, especially in line with the latest technologies, which gives them the opportunity to improve their range with each new line. Comfort is also important to them, with their products tending to be practical and known for being easy-to-wear. HSE Technical is equipped with a workshop for services and repairs too, in case some of your products start to show signs of wear and tear, or if there is damage from an unforeseen incident. From eye and face to hearing and respiratory protection, they’ve got you covered.


G.Fox, which services over 12 000 customers nationwide, has a diverse range of safety equipment carefully crafted to provide head-to-toe protection for the employees of their customers. They cover the basics in terms of head, face, eye and hearing protection, while also offering a wider choice of products like safety harnesses, protective gear for welders, reflective wear and body protection suits. If you have a specific need, they’ll most likely be able to help you, so don’t be shy to ask. What always sets G. Fox apart from their competition, is their service delivery. Always sourcing products from high quality distributors, they usually deliver with a smile, providing quick turnaround times regardless of it being peak season or not.



Safeco has long been considered a leading manufacturer of industrial safety equipment. Operating within the greater Gauteng region, they have Sub-Saharan distributors as well, and are expanding their presence on the continent. When you visit their website, you’ll instantly be hit with a sign-up option for their newsletter, which you’re encouraged to do if you’re looking to buy safety equipment now or in the near future. Known for marketing specials and deals you won’t find elsewhere, it makes sense to stay in the loop about products and pricing regardless of whether you are looking to buy new equipment at this stage, or if you have a plan to upgrade in the near future. You’ll thank us later!


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