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24 August 2020

Best Safety Equipment Suppliers in South Africa

Best Safety Equipment Suppliers in South Africa

Good quality safety equipment can be the difference between preventing an injury in the workplace, and having to answer to a lawsuit for negligent behaviour. Companies operating within industrial settings, especially those with a large, hands-on workforce, place a lot of emphasis (and invest heavily) in the correct equipment to ensure their workers are well taken care of regardless of changes in the environment. South Africa has a couple of incredible safety equipment suppliers that are go-to’s for businesses of all shapes and sizes, which we’re happy to share with you today as part of the list of the best safety equipment suppliers in the country. 

Safety Equipment Should Never Be Underestimated

PPE (personal protective equipment) should never be underestimated, and should regularly be cleaned, checked and maintained to ensure the safety of your employees. In an ideal world, this equipment will prevent injury of death in unforeseen circumstances, especially when the situation poses a significant threat in terms of exposure to hazardous materials. Administrative controls are not enough to ensure the safety of your worker, and banking on these is a recipe for disaster. Put a fair amount of the yearly budget aside to ensure your safety equipment is up to scratch, and the rest should take care of itself. 

Bramley Safety

Bramley Safety has roots in Johannesburg dating back to 1994. Initially it started out as a family business, solely focused on specialised equipment in the PPE space. These days, they’ve branched out significantly in terms of the product catalogue and are always doing what they can in order to introduce better, more effective products into the market. Their range of safety wear is impressive, as is their current specials, which involves reflective vests, euro specs, sun hats, barrier mesh nets and more. 

Select PPE

Select PPE lives and breathes by one motto: “protecting people everyday”. With multiple brands on their distribution lists, they’ve been growing from strength to strength since the turn of the new millenium. Currently, they cater to various industries including mining, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, petroleum, hospitality, medical and security. Their website is continuously updated with new arrivals and promotions, and they offer products within eight different fields of protective gear. When you’re looking to go bulk with a safety equipment purchase, these guys are a wise choice. 


Speaking of wise choices: G.Fox is usually mentioned when it comes to “best of” lists in the safety equipment and chemicals business. A family business dating back to the 1960’s, it’s unlikely that Cecil Fox and his son Gerald could have envisioned how far the business would have come in 2020. With a product range that goes unmatched elsewhere, you’ll be able to find safety footwear, gloves, harnesses, hearing protection, respiratory equipment and so much more. Truly a “one-stop shop”, G.Fox is not showing any signs of slowing down, capitalising on technological advancements in order to bring their clients the best possible products, at incredible prices. 

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