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24 August 2020

Best Paper Hand Towel Suppliers in South Africa

Best Paper Hand Towel Suppliers in South Africa

Paper towels are used in a long list of industries in South Africa, particularly those related to food and services, but also showing up in the medical field and other surprising areas. If you’re in these industries and you’re working through a large amount of paper towels on any given day, you may have an alternative to consider when it comes to your supplier. Today, we’ll explore the best options out there, while also looking at some of the other practical uses for paper towels that may not have crossed your mind. 

Why Paper Towels Are Practical at Home or Work

Paper towels are practical in a corporate or a personal sense, offering a selection of uses depending on individual consumer needs. That said, there may also be some surprising uses that haven’t crossed your mind, including composting, grease absorption, seed viability testing, corn cleaner and more. This could mean that aside from it’s all-purpose use as a cleaning tool, paper towels could add a lot of extra value to your day, if you explore everywhere that it may come in handy. Did you know it can be used to soften hardened brown sugar as well? Didn’t think so. Google it to your own amazement!

Snow Soft

Once you’ve seen how that is done, you may be tempted to buy some more. Snow Soft SA is a first option for you to consider, as they stock a wide range of paper hand towels for you to choose from, including impi barrel hand towels, mini barrel hand towels and even some impressive real hand towels if you’re in the market for something a bit more permanent. These three options give you a multi-purpose selection of a high quality base product, which can fit in perfectly to your home life or business needs. 


A simple search of G.Fox’s catalogue will show you that they offer a lot more than paper hand towels, but that they also have a great selection of choices for you to choose from. Their mission is to supply paper products tailored to a variety of needs in conjunction with high quality consumable supplies. If you’re on somewhat of a tight budget this month, don’t worry about it, their website specials should be able to help you out in that department. At the start of 2020 they ran back to work specials tailored to their core regions, which included discounts on paper towels and other related products you may need for the new year. 

Michem Cleaning Supplies

Last but not least, Michem is a well known cleaning product supplier, with a dynamic range of hand paper towels and garage rolls to choose from. What drew us to them in the first place was their spunlace roll, which comes in a series of bright and beautiful colours for you to choose from. This is not something you see in your supermarket each day! Michem is nothing but ordinary, as evidenced by their founder Michelle Schnepel starting the company out of her garage in 2000, now servicing a wide clientele and employing over 50 people on a permanent basis. Have a look at their online catalogue to get a better sense of the various products they have on offer. 

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