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27 July 2020

The Top Office Consumables Suppliers in South Africa

office consumables

Office consumables can be one of the most expensive variable costs for an office, especially if you’re not budget effectively for these each month. If you’re noticing that you’re running out of milk, for example, or people are struggling to get through the month with the supplied coffee, you may need to do a couple of additional sums, as well as start looking at where you’re buying your office supplies from. Getting them “on the fly” as you go can cost you a lot less, and will keep making consumables variable costs. These can become fixed with better regulation, the best supplier, and generally communicating with the team about your boundaries in terms of spend for day-to-day consumables. 

What Are Office Consumables?

Office consumables, or office supplies, refer to items or equipment that is used within the office environment on a regular basis, typically, items that are single-use. This can include items like coffee, tea, milk, sugar, writing items, cleaning products, as well as items to help with the storage of supplies. Data is even considered to be an office consumable in 2020, so make sure you have a comprehensive list of what your business consumes in a given month, in order to more effectively budget for next month, before shopping for a few quotes to get you going. 

Office National

Office National is a recognised South African brand, typically well known for their stationary and educational supplies. A little gem that few people know about is the canteen and janitorial section on their website, which not only usually hosts some interesting product types, but tends to come in at a more affordable rate than some competitors. Start by giving them a call, asking if they’re running any specials at the moment, and finding out what they can do for your business. This business is all about growing locally, and their footprint is increasing each year as they collaborate with more brands across South Africa. 


TakeAlot.com is another option to consider if you’re looking to buy office consumables, but keep in mind that there are two important steps before you do so. The first, is making sure that whoever is buying the supplies does so once a month and not weekly, so you can avoid the delivery fee. The other thing to be mindful of their catalogue, which is vast and contains a lot of products. Your best bet is to trawl their special offers section (or set up a daily email reminder) if you want to save a bit of cash for the business. Buying in bulk also helps with managing cashflow. 


G.Fox is a great choice when it comes to buying office supplies and consumables, particularly because they are a one-stop-shop solution. Their website boasts a selection of tea, coffee, biscuits, sugar, packaging materials, first aid kits and so much more, which gives you the chance to get everything you need in a single go. With G.Fox, you’re getting great service and efficient delivery, regardless of the fact that consumables don’t form part of their core business. Due to this, you’re likely to get some competitive deals, which can make all the difference to the bottom line of the company next month. So what are you waiting for? Happy shopping. 


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