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22 October 2020

Best Office Cleaning Chemical Suppliers in 2020

As life slowly starts to return to the “new normal” with the COVID-19 lockdown levels gradually easing up, for many business owners, the hard work is only just beginning. Not only is it important to re-focus energy on the bottom line in an economically uncertain climate, but there is also a newly added responsibility to ensure that the office environment is clean and safe to use for your employees in the time ahead, and in a time when we’re all playing the waiting game for vaccines to be tested, finalised and released. It may be a while until this happens, so getting the right kind of cleaning chemicals for the office to ensure you do what you can to prevent the spread of corona and other viruses is paramount right now. So where do you begin to look for reputable suppliers in 2020?

Setting a New Standard For Cleanliness in the Office

In a post-coronavirus world, there is a social responsibility for us to look after our own health, as well as the health of others around us, including our peers at work. That said, the government and health department will also continue to issue strict health regulations around some of the things we took for granted before the pandemic hits, and this means the employees and employers will have a responsibility to work together in order for everything to start moving forward in a more practical way. These regulations will continue to take shape and change as international events unfold, but from an economic standpoint, the health of the workforce will be one of the most important considerations for policy. Accept the new standards that are being issued, and let’s work together to set a new bar for cleanliness in our office environments to ensure the safety of everyone. 

Flexbrands Chemicals

If you’re wondering about where to begin your search for office cleaning chemical suppliers, Flexbrands Chemicals is a good place to start. They have jumped the gun in a way, and are already selling “germ-free environment” packs including bulk hand sanitiser, anti-bac gel and surface cleaners which can be useful in any working environment. The company has set their sights on being a market leader in the distribution and manufacturing of industrial and domestic cleaning chemicals since their inception, continuing to provide high quality products tailored to customer needs with every passing year.


Talking about industry leaders, you can’t even have the conversation around who is the best in the business without bringing up G.Fox. Manufactured in Swaziland and distributed across South Africa, their chemical products are the cream of the crop, and their catalogue showcases a diverse range of options for consumers to choose from. From sanitisers, to floor cleaning chemicals to washroom products and cleaners, their online catalogue is extensive, and continues to grow as demand changes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. They even sell cleaning consumables and equipment, making them a one-stop shop of sorts if you’d like to tick all the boxes around getting the correct products for your specific working environment with minimal fuss. 


Last but not least, Chemstrat is a good place to shop for cleaning chemicals as they’ve been around the block, first getting started almost three decades ago. Their goal was clear right from the get go: they wanted to service the South African market with cleaning chemicals and equipment as a result of seeing the lack of quality products on the market in the late 1980’s. They became an independent manufacturer right before the turn of the 2000’s, and haven’t looked back ever since. These days, they sell an array of cleaning chemicals, powders, gels, equipment and consumables, and often they run great specials to entice a new clientele. Don’t be shy to ask them for a quote when you’re looking to take your office cleaning processes – as well as the health of your workforce – as seriously as possible in the new working landscape we’re all required to grow accustomed to. 

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