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11 May 2020

Why Infrared Thermometers Are Essential For All Businesses

Infrared thermometers have become hot property related to efforts involving curbing the spread of COVID-19 in countries all over the world. This tiny device has the ability to measure whether someone has a fever in just a couple of seconds without the measurer having to make physical contact with the person being tested. This is ideal in the case of the coronavirus, which spreads as a result of close contact. So how does this miracle device work, and why are they essential for businesses over and above those in the health sector? Times are changing fast, and with it, this device is likely to become all the more important, regardless of the industry any given business operates in.

What Is An Infrared Thermometer?

An infrared thermometer measures variants of regular body temperature through thermal radiation, which is often referred to as black-body radiation. It takes an electronic measurement of the person or object it is pointed towards, providing an accurate reading of the temperature of the surface it is measuring. Many newer models of infrared monitors are equipped with features to provide pinpoint accuracy, allowing the user to perform the test with minimal difficulty, and boosting efforts to get as many tests as possible completed within a short timespan. 

How Infrared Thermometers Work

If you’ve been tested for a fever by an infrared thermometer, you’ll know that it is a quick process involving the thermometer being pointed at your forehead for a couple of seconds. In the background, the object focuses infrared light onto a detector called a thermopile. This thermopile absorbs the infrared radiation, converting it into heat as well. The electricity generated from this head gets transmitted straight to a detector, which determines the actual temperature seen on the reading. While many cogs are turning from the second an infrared thermometer is pointed at a forehead, testing is painless and efficient, hence why it has been so widely adopted during the pandemic in the first place. 

Why Infrared Thermometers Are Essential For Businesses Now

You may be wondering if you’ll be seeing more infrared thermometers outside of hospitals and testing centers when the pandemic starts to level off. The answer is a surefire yes, especially in the wake of changing health regulations around the world, which will likely trickle into schools, businesses of all shapes and sizes, any form of travel, as well as activities involving the conglomeration of large crowds in a single space. Businesses will be required to keep testing their employees regularly, especially in the lead up time to the release of a vaccination for COVID-19. Having an infrared thermometer at the office allows for quick screening and stops a potentially ill person from spreading germs to others at the office. At the same time, they are able to seek medical attention earlier than they may have otherwise. This type of testing has the power to save lives, and will become part of the norm for brick and mortar companies regardless of the industries they operate in. 

Buying a High Quality, Affordable Infrared Thermometer

If you’d like to prepare yourself and your business for this, G.Fox is a good place to start your search. Their CK-1503 infrared thermometer weighs just 110g and is very easy to operate. It provides one second temperature measurement on a high definition digital screen. Built-in fever alarms, as well as immediate storage of data will make the monitoring process even easier. A thermometer may be only one of a handful of important items to add to the inventory list at the office moving forward. G.Fox was quick to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, launching an extensive “Essential Products” product catalogue on their online store. This section features must-have items for individuals and businesses looking to curb the effects for coronavirus, in order to encourage a collective effort to help stop the unnecessary spread of this virus, and any other new viruses that may follow in future. 

Take a closer look at G.Fox’s Infrared Thermometer here: Infrared Thermometer PDF

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