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15 September 2020

Heavy Duty Gloves Supplier in South Africa

Heavy duty gloves have so many uses. Businesses who are branching out their operations may find a new need for this piece of personal protective equipment, which is not only practical in terms of job efficiency but also to help keep employees safe from harm or injury. Whether your business is dependent on operating heavy machinery for the creation of its products or for the service it offers, ensuring that you have the right equipment to compliment the job can make a world of difference in terms of having to avoid legal battles, disputes, or unforeseen injury which could have been prevented altogether.

What Are Heavy Duty Gloves Used For?

Heavy duty gloves are multi-purpose items, fit to be used across various industrial sectors. These are typically produced from a combination of synthetic and natural rubbers, often with additional leather material in order to protect the wearer from shock or burns. Heavy duty gloves may also contain protectors and cuffs insulated with wool or thermal materials, to prevent exposure to cold, as well as to help protect the wearing from potential hazards they may encounter during their workday. Heavy duty gloves come in different makes, types and sizes. Before exploring the companies on our list of suppliers below, take some time to decide what you’re looking for, which will help shorten the search time tremendously.


If you’re looking to tap into a new supplier of heavy duty gloves, look no further than G.Fox. The company has been a long-time specialist in PPE and cleaning chemical solutions, more recently adding a string of new items to their online catalogue in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their PVC brick (extra heavyweight) gloves are a bestseller as they are suitable for general and manufacturing industries. These gloves go above what most competitors may offer, as they are lined with extra grip protection, giving the wearer peace of mind at all times. For first time buyers, this is a great option to consider.

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