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22 June 2020

Best Hand Sanitiser Suppliers in South Africa

Best Hand Sanitiser Suppliers in South Africa

While it may be challenging to get your hands on hand sanitiser in the midst of a global pandemic, this little bottle of disinfectant is likely to become a staple item in the shopping carts of the masses in the coming months and years. With coronavirus affecting millions of people all over the world, hygiene products like this are being increasingly prioritised to help keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. So where should you go to get your hands on sanitiser in South Africa? We’ve got you covered in case you’re looking for a reputable supplier you can bank on each time. 

Why Hand Sanitiser Will Always Be Important

In the coming months, the world is going to continue to change relative to how it was before COVID-19. Once the dust settles and a vaccine is developed, there will possibly be widespread new health regulations all over the world, likely prioritising hand hygiene more so than ever in the past. Having quick access to hand sanitiser whether you’re travelling to and from work, taking a long distance trip or just arriving back to the front door after picking up a food delivery will become part of the norm. This is why it is so important to have a couple of trusty hand sanitiser suppliers in your back pocket, so you can ensure you always have enough to go around at home or at work. 

Orbit Industrial

Orbit Industrial is known as a supplier of premium workshop consumables to various industries across South Africa. Initially dependent on the food, mining and automotive industries, the company has expanded their operations as a result of COVID-19, now selling bulk orders of hand sanitiser with a 70% alcohol isopropyl content. The department of health requires sanitisers to be at the minimum prescribed level of 60%, meaning you’re good to go when you order from here. 


Germstar has been around the block over the years, and if you’ve used hand sanitiser in public or private hospitals in South Africa, they’ve likely been sourced by these guys. Adhering to an international standard of disease control that requires the best possible option of eradicating the broadest spectrum of disease causing germs, their hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of all transient bacteria, viruses and fungi. You’re also likely to get the best bang for your buck when buying in bulk from them, which is a welcome reprieve in the midst of economically uncertain times. 


G.Fox is a well known cleaning and chemical product provider around the country, servicing industries regardless of whether they need day-to-day or heavy use products. When it comes to sanitizers and hand wipes, they’ve got you covered, even adding new products to their catalogue in the midst of the global pandemic. Their catalogue includes 70% alcohol liquid hand sanitised, a gel alternative, as well as a no alcohol option. They’re even offering alcohol cloth swabs, which can come in hand in a range of different circumstances, regardless of how long the lockdown may get extended for.

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