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25 May 2020

G.Fox Launches the GUARDEX Electric Arc Flash Garment

GUARDEX Electric Arc Flash Garment

When it comes to bringing the latest, most innovative personal protective equipment to the market, G.Fox is an industry leader with a reputation spanning a few decades. In lieu of this, it should come as no surprise that the company is launching a brand new product from GUARDEX this month. The Electric Arc Flash garment, which is designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions, is perfectly timed in a world where PPE is becoming increasingly more important, irrespective of industry, services or products offered. 

PPE Compliance in a Post COVID-19 World

When most of us think of personal protective equipment, an image of a lab worker or someone on a construction site may come to mind. Many traditional office-based businesses haven’t had to worry about implementing any type of PPE into their workspace, although this is undergoing a substantial shift since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. PPE will in all likelihood become a part of formal compliance measures associated with all businesses, especially while the pandemic is still doing its rounds and a viable vaccine hasn’t penetrated the market just yet. It’s useful for all businesses to prepare for this, to do what they can to get equipped in a post-lockdown world, and to have one eye on compliance measures in order to keep their staff protected and safe at all times. 

Arcwear and Arc Flash Protection

While arcwear might not be the first thing you think of in relation to COVID-19, by bringing new products into the market, GUARDEX is illustrating an ability to continue to serve the market and stimulate the PPE industry in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic. Companies looking to make a proactive start on formal compliance measures, especially those that deal with arc faults or electrical discharge as their employees go about their day to day tasks, will greatly benefit from learning a bit more about this new addition to the market. 

Key Features of the GUARDEX Electric Arc Flash

The garment is considered a high performing flame retardant option, and is made from 100% cotton. From a design perspective, it has been put together using triple stitched seams, weighs about a quarter of a kilogram, and comes in two colours, namely fern green and navy. Designed with the mining industry in mind, this type of workwear may be worth considering for other industries requiring protection from electricity and fire. With so many people taking on contract work to make up salary gaps as a result of COVID-19, individuals should also explore protective clothing if they’re looking to pick up an odd job here and there that may have a similar risk profile in terms of exposure to heat and electricity. 

The GUARDEX Guarantee

GUARDEX is a premium brand that delivers on their promises in terms of product guarantees, as well as in the ability of their garments to withstand some of the most severe circumstances. The Electric Arc Flash offers protection of up to a Cal rating of 13.1, and it is guaranteed to be arc and flame retardant for the entire lifespan of the fabric. Don’t take our word for it though! This particular fabric has been tested and approved for an NFPA2112 rating, effectively giving it a stamp of approval at the highest international standards. Choosing GUARDEX mitigates risk, and allows business owners to focus on doing what they do best instead.

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