23 March 2020

Alcohol Shortage Affecting Hand Sanitiser Production

The recent upsurge in the demand for hand sanitiser with a min of 60% Ethanol alcohol has resulted in a shortage of local production. Manufacturers are having to look to alternatives to provide customers with hand sanitisers that will prove effective in the fight against the COVID-19 Corona Virus.

18 March 2020

G.Fox's Response to the COVID-19 Threat

As a leading supplier of cleaning chemicals and PPE in South Africa including disinfectants, sanitizers, gloves and dust masks, we recognise our critical role in fighting the COVID 19 virus. as such we will continue ...


29 April 2020

Alcohol Based. vs Non-Alcohol Based Hand Sanitiser

Today, we’ll explain the primary difference, while also looking at whether it is safe to make your own sanitiser, and where you can look to get your hands on it moving forward.


7 February 2020

G.Fox Offers GRIPPAZ Disposable Glove Range

G.Fox now offers the revolutionary, multi application GRIPPAZ range of disposable gloves. These gloves offer a host of features that make them outperform all other Nitrile gloves in their class.


22 November 2019

G.Fox Launches GUARDEX Electric Arc Flash

As a leading supplier of protective garments, G.Fox has launched a new product under its GUARDEX brand. This high performance flame retardant garment offers both ARC flash and flame protection up to a Cal rating of 13.1


9 September 2019

G.Fox Introduces the EVOLUTION range of work gloves

Evolution™ gloves are designed and tested for safety, comfort and endurance, they provide maximum hand protection and durability in the most rugged and physically-challenging work conditions.