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27 July 2020

Finding The Best First Aid Kit Suppliers in South Africa

first aid kit supplier

Every company needs a first aid kit on hand, so when was the last time you saw one at the office? If it’s been a while, and the office manager hasn’t seen one either, it may be time to talk to management about getting a replacement. If there is an accident at the office, or you need an interim solution before getting someone to a hospital, a first aid kit can make all the difference. The same goes for if you’re hosting an event, workshop or a retreat, especially if you’re engaging in a social event where accidents are more likely to happen due to alcohol consumption. Offices should always be prepared for this, and having a well stocked kit is also an important consideration, especially as items get used during the course of the year. 

Standard Items For a First Aid Kit

While the list can vary based on the needs of your business, there are a few standard items that should always form part of the first aid kit at the office. This includes antiseptic wipes, a splint, elastic bandages, adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads, a list of emergency phone numbers and most importantly, an up-to-date manual. The more items you have the better, but it doesn’t help if nobody knows how to use them. The manual should guide anyone effortlessly, especially if you consider that most emergencies are high-stress events. Get the basics right and do some research about what you may need depending on the industry you work in. 

G.Fox First Aid Kit

The G.Fox First Aid Kit comes highly recommended as it provides the easiest solution for you to pay for a single product, and to get everything you need in one go. Their comprehensive kit contains nearly forty items and comes in a metal box. They also have an “office” version in a canvas bag, as well as a top-up kit which you can look at buying every six months or so. If you’re looking to minimise fuss, and to trust that you’re getting everything you need, start with these guys for you first quote. 

The Paramedic Shop

The Paramedic Shop is also a great option to explore, especially as they provide free delivery on orders of over R1000. Traditionally known for more “high end” products, this store is good for companies in specialised fields looking for very specific (niche) items for their kits. You’ll pay a little extra for the convenience, but you’ll be getting a high quality product that won’t need to be replaced too often. Their store also hosts a lot of items on promotion, which can help you get a few items at a more affordable rate, though as the name suggests, these items tend to be related to paramedic supplies. 

The First Aid Shop

The First Aid Shop was designed for companies looking to stock their own individual supplies, offering the widest range of choices and brand ranges that you will find when looking for new contents for your first aid kit online. Their prices are relatively competitive (though some argue that with delivery, they can be quite expensive), though you are encouraged to get your list together first before making a purchase, so you can cross reference the total price, along with shipping, to the budget that you’re working with. This shop is great for top-ups, especially for single-use items and other perishables. 


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