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25 May 2020

EVOLUTION Work Gloves – A 2020 Overview


EVOLUTION is a popular brand which provides high quality work gloves for multiple industries in South Africa. G.Fox is proud to stock this series of work gloves, which includes three cleverly named distinct product types, namely Ingwenya, Isilo and the Cut Force range. Today, we’ll explore each of these glove types, while also taking a closer look at where the brand is making inroads in terms of expansion into local businesses. By the end of this piece, business owners should have a clear idea about which glove in the range is best suited to the nature of their operations. 

The Heart of the EVOLUTION Brand

EVOLUTION tells you everything about their business in their name alone. At their core, the creation of products with innovative characteristics is at the foundation of what they do, especially as it often results in increased customer satisfaction. EVOLUTION’s series of gloves are the direct result of this kind of thinking, coupled with passion, pride and the introduction of new technologies whenever possible. Across their three ranges, EVOLUTION’s gloves have been created with three key factors in mind, namely safety, endurance and comfort. This has led to them making inroads in various industries in South Africa, including mechanical maintenance, rigging, construction, as well as mining. 

The Popular Ingwenya Range

Ingwenya means crocodile, or “tough guy”. This is a fitting title for a glove that is known to keep its grip in the most challenging of working conditions. Technological innovations allow these gloves to be abrasive resistant and vibration absorbent, working in wet or oily conditions. The gloves were designed to protect knuckles and finger joints, while also providing high dexterity and flexibility, ensuring that the wearer doesn’t struggle to get their tasks done while wearing them. Better yet, the Ingwenya range comes in a high visibility colour, with light reflective cuffs, which comes in handy in environments where visibility may be poor. The open back design increases breathing ability, while reducing hand fatigue during those “longer than usual” days on the job. 

Exploring an Upgrade with the Isilo Range

Isilo means “wild beast” or king, aptly titled to one-up the Ingwenya in the slightest of senses. This glove comes with the same features and natural benefits of the Ingwenya series, along with a slight innovation which will help to increase efficiency, and make the glove even more comfortable to wear. The Isilo is equipped with an additional fastener lock and wrist strap, allowing the user to adjust the fit according to the task that they are doing. This also allows for multiple people to use the same gloves, as sizes can be adjusted accordingly. The wrist strap is easy to use and designed from the best materials on the market. If you’re looking for more of a “one size fits all” solution, the Isilo is the way to go. 

Cream of the Crop: The Cut Force Range

Last but not least, EVOLUTION’s work gloves range includes the top of the range Cut Force series, which like it’s predecessors, includes a tremendous amount of benefits related to design, functionality and efficiency. On top of this, and in light of the company always looking to bring innovation into their newly released products, this glove type is equipped with an engineered yarn structure, improving it’s cut resistance against non-rotating sharp objects tenfold. Contact heat resistance is also increased to 100 degrees celsius, while the soft inner feel is made to absorb perspiration. EVOLUTION has once again showcased their ability to bring the best products to their customers across a multitude of industries with different needs. We’re excited to see where they take their glove series next. 

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