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24 August 2020

Top Dust Coat Suppliers in South Africa

Top Dust Coat Suppliers in South Africa

Dust coats form an important part of many workforces in South Africa, but getting your hands on a quality range at an affordable price can be somewhat of a challenge. Some businesses make the mistake of going to retail outlets to buy these for their workers, forgetting that they are likely paying an additional % over and above what they would be going directly to a direct supplier. Today, we’ll explore where you can start your search to find some dust coats for your employees, contemplating three of the best choices for you to go to in the country. 

What is a Dust Coat?

A dust coat or duster refers to a light, loose fitting long coat that helps to protect the wearer’s clothing from dust and other elements. Initially, these were introduced to allow horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust and typically these dusters had a slit up the back in order to make them easier to wear while on horseback. Today, dust coats are widely used for a similar purpose in the workforce, although you’re unlikely to find many people having to ride horses as part of getting to work, or doing their actual job. 


G.Fox is a specialist dust coat supplier, proud to provide the highest quality product directly from source to supply. Manufactured in their factory in Swaziland, industry insiders know the brand to have high quality standards and stringent specifications before being put onto the market. G. Fox’s dust coats come in a range of colours and styles: do a bit of digging about their poly cotton, acid resistant, HACCP approve and 100% cotton options, which are modeled in blue and white as part of their online catalogue. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by their prices, too. 

Bova Safety Wear

Bova offers two types of dust coats to choose from: acid resistant and standard. Engineered to protect the wearer from danger in chemical environments, labs and more, these coats are popular among businesses of all shapes and sizes. Bova does a tremendous amount of danger testing before they release any new products. They are also aware of the fact that different employees within the same industry need different types of protection. Often this is overlooked, especially when bulk orders are placed. Talk to them if you’re curious about some of the options available within your specific industry. 

Simon Workwear

Simon Workwear is a known brand in the industry, and their dust coats come in the widest colour range out of everyone on the list. With a new warehouse in the bag, and having celebrated 50 years of operations back in 2018, the company has been growing their client base and securing themselves as a force to be reckoned with particularly in the last five years. Their team works around the clock, keeping an eye on international trends and safety specifications, to ensure that they release only the best possible product in the process. It helps when you have in-house specialists, and SW is known for utilising only the best in the business in order to remain at the top of their game. 

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