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22 October 2020

The Best Disposable Glove Suppliers in 2020

Disposable gloves have quite literally taken over the world in the wake of the global pandemic, with demand soaring across the board, and supply struggling to keep up as case numbers climbed rapidly in the first quarter of the year. Whether your business is in the healthcare sector and is traditionally dependant on disposable gloves, or you’re finding yourself exposed to them as a necessity in the way forward for your business in a post-coronavirus world, the fact of the matter is that you need a reputable supplier you can rely on even in times when demand may be skyrocketing. Today, we’ll take a quick look at some of the best disposable glove suppliers in the country, to help you in your search. 

The Rise in Global Demand For Disposable Gloves

In the wake of COVID-19 and its far-reaching consequences, it’s not only healthcare professionals and workers in specific industries that are requiring the use of disposable gloves in their day-to-day dealings. While doctors, nurses and other medical staff require these gloves for carrying out medical tests, especially when conducting testing for the coronavirus, other businesses have found themselves subjected to strict healthcare controls in the wake of policy changes following the gradual easing of lockdown in regions across the world. Other industries are now mandated to use disposable gloves for activities they may not have needed to in the past – as is evidenced even in popular culture in shows like Masterchef Australia, where contestants are now required to wear disposable gloves before handling any produce in the kitchen. A small, but a significant reflection on where the world is heading in the future. 


When you’re looking for a decent supplier for disposable gloves, CliniHealth can be useful to keep on your list. They are known for their disposable nitrile gloves, which is essentially a synthetic, reprocessed version of latex gloves designed to prevent exposure to chemicals, as well as to curb the spread of bacteria and viruses. While initially, these gloves were more expensive than basic latex gloves, today the prices are far more competitive. CliniHealth sells these gloves in bulk boxes along with ISO certifications, and ready for use in medical, dental, food and other industries. While CliniHealth does not offer much variety, this is a disposable glove you can bank on as a high quality product. 

Supra Healthcare

Supra Healthcare sells six different types of disposable gloves, providing unique options tailored to the needs of various industries. The company is part of the Avacare Health Group, suggesting that they have access to a sea of data in order to refine the products they supply to the wider healthcare sector. The company was established back in the mid-1980s, servicing over two thousand loyal customers since they first entered the market. If you need the gloves delivered in your area and you’re wondering about whether they have offices or distribution points near you, they probably do. The company has premises scattered across the country, making them a versatile supplier and a great choice for rural businesses and workplaces. 


If you’re looking for PPE of any kind, look no further than G.Fox. Their range of disposable gloves come in a variety of alternatives, from clear plastic gloves all the way through to latex and nitrile variations. Most of their gloves are sold in packaging containing 500 units, each of which is “one size fits all”. Becoming a G.Fox customer is also useful when you’re looking for other types of protective equipment, especially as the health regulations start to change across various industries in South Africa and the world. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, G.Fox was quick to launch their essential products catalogue, showcasing that they are quick to act and even better to supply protective equipment in times of challenge, change and increased pressure. 

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