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22 June 2020

The Best Cleaning Equipment Supplier for Schools in South Africa

The Best Cleaning Equipment Supplier for Schools in South Africa

Every child deserves to be educated at a clean school, along with having access to the resources they need to excel in their studies. Cleanliness has typically been a given at schools wanting to attract prospective parents looking to place their children in the future, although times are changing quickly, and as of early 2020 there are more serious health considerations to be taken into account in this regard.

Why Cleaning Efforts in Schools Will Be Amplified

The coronavirus pandemic has meant the widespread closure of schools across the world, and when allowed to open back up again, governments and institutions will likely implement extensive health and safety regulations across the board to help curb the spread of bacteria and infection among the leaders of tomorrow. A very clean environment will no longer be a luxury, but a necessity. This will result in an influx of demand for cleaning equipment and products, with an even greater demand in the winter months. So what are some of the most important products that will be in demand, and where should schools look to get their hands on these?

The Most Important Post-Coronavirus Cleaning Equipment for Schools

The type of cleaning products and equipment that will be in high demand once school reopen formally include hand sanitizer, face masks, uniforms, toilet paper, cleaning chemicals, as well as office consumables. These will form the basis of many school budgets in order to tick the boxes related to health standards that will likely become increasingly more stringent over time. Bulk purchases of cleaning products may continue as they have during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is likely that there will be some shortages as suppliers work to increase their output. Knowing where to look and having a relationship with a reputable provider can make a world of difference in getting access to the products you need regardless of the scope of the order. 

Market Price Stability Assurances

A reputable provider will always ensure that the prices of their products remain stable and consistent over time, which was not always the case with some suppliers ramping up prices of their essential items in the peak of the virus. This kind of thinking effectively strips away the word “reputable” from the provider, and is an easy way to upset clients and consumers. While prices do tend to go up as a result of inflation, the right kind of supplier will not take advantage over and above these standard increases. Companies driving up prices drastically due to demand may have short-term gains, but they without a doubt lose out on customer loyalty in the long run.

Getting Your Hands On Top Range, Affordable Cleaning Equipment

You may be wondering if it will even be possible to find a provider that is able to meet the increased demand, offer fair and competitive prices, as well as deliver great service in the process too. The answer is yes – look no further than right here at G. Fox. Pandemic or not, we’ve made a promise to make sure that our clients are always taken care of.  

Our online catalogue of cleaning and chemical products are constantly being updated to tailor to the needs of schools, businesses, restaurants, hospitals and other industries. Right from the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve added new items to our store in a bid to remain on top of consumer needs during a time of crisis. The last thing we want to do now is to drop the ball when you need us to show up for you. Our commitment to you is to keep providing high quality products and the best service despite uncertain economic times, as well as the increased demand for cleaning products heading deeper into the 2020’s. We’re here for you, and with you every step of the way. 

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