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22 October 2020

Where To Buy Quality Latex Gloves in South Africa

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, latex gloves have become an integral part of operations for many businesses. Gone are the days when these would be used predominantly in the medical field, and these days a lot of companies in a wide range of industries are being confronted with a reality where they have to ensure the wellbeing of their employees, as well as the health of their customers. This has led to an increase in demand for latex gloves, and today, we’ll help to point you in the right direction if you’re looking for a South African supplier you can buy quality latex gloves from. 

The Practical Benefits of Using Latex Gloves

Latex gloves are the preferred glove of choice in many industries as a result of their elasticity, comfort and fit. These types of gloves allow the wearer to continue to work with maximum precision and efficiency, especially in environments that require extensive hand use to deliver a product or a service to a consumer. Disposable latex gloves can be found in medical, dental, senior care, food services, sanitation, manufacturing and so many other industries. Latex gloves are typically more affordable than other alternatives, but be mindful that their traditionally disposable nature implies that they will need to be continuously factored into the business budget from month to month. 


Companies like G.Fox are often front of mind when it comes to personal protective equipment (PPE), and with a good reputation that has been built over decades, it’s no surprise that many businesses and consumers are turning to them when it comes to buying safety equipment of any kind. Consider their range of Latex gloves if you’re looking for a good quality product that is competitively priced relative to what else you may find on the market. Their essential products section is a great place to start, and is continuously updated based on changes in demand in response to the global pandemic. 

BRITTAN Healthcare

Somewhere else you can go if you’re looking for quality latex gloves is Brittan. Established back in the mid 1950’s, the company focuses primarily on the local manufacture of medical supplies, which naturally has extended out to other industries as the pandemic has started to affect workplaces of all shapes and sizes. Their Latex disposable gloves provide high tensile strength and good quality resilience even when stretched to its limits. BRITTAN sells latex gloves in packs of 100 and the gloves are designed for single use only. 


Medinox might not have a massively diverse range of gloves on offer, but their MX powder free latex gloves are a bestseller thanks to their high quality design. Better yet, these gloves are designed in five different sizes, meaning you can really find “the perfect fit”, rather than depending on a one size fits all scenario that doesn’t always work for everyone. While the company doesn’t focus exclusively on providing gloves, since their inception in 2004 they’ve managed to learn a lot about their customer needs, adapting and refining their catalogue to ensure they are providing the best possible products. More than that, you can’t really ask for. 

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