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5 May 2020

Where To Buy Face Shields in South Africa

Where To Buy Face Shields in South Africa

If you’re wondering about what you can do about finding the right personal protective equipment for your workplace, look no further. Some industries may require more protection than a face mask can offer, and a face shield is a great way to add a layer of resilience to the fight against COVID-19. So what exactly is a face shield, and how can you go about getting your hands on this product in South Africa? Let’s explore this today, in a bid to remain proactive ahead of the gradual opening of businesses around the country as we move down the lockdown level tiers over time. 

What is a Face Shield?

A face shield is what it does, so to speak, giving the wearer protection from hazards like road debris, chemical splashes and exposure to infectious materials. There is a common misconception that these are only to be used in these specialised areas, especially now that COVID-19 has shuffled the world somewhat and there will be new workplace health and safety requirements introduced across the board in the world. Face shields are a great way to keep people safe, while also allowing them to continue to communicate effectively, which is not always the case with other face protection products. 

When are Face Shields Typically Worn?

Face shields can be worn at work, or even when you’re going about tasks at home. Industries that are exposed to flying objects, liquid chemicals, acids, gases, vapours and even light radiation are required to use these masks. COVID-19 may make them a more generalised item in traditional office environments, which could be a way to help protect employees from infections transmitted from sneezing and coughing. At home, these shields could perform a similar task, while also keeping you better protected when you’re undergoing a deep clean, or just handling tricky chemicals that you don’t want to risk exposing yourself to. Face shields are more multi-purpose now than ever before. 

Why Face Shields are More Effective Than Other Protection

The most important factors to keep in mind with a face shield relative to other types, is that they are reusable, durable, adjustable and comfortable. This makes them effective and more viable than some other items which can’t offer the same level of protection. When worn correctly, face shields not only stop you from spreading harmful germs, but also stop the spread of germs from others. This is an added benefit related to the coronavirus pandemic which goes a long way regardless of the industry you operate in. These types of PPE are expected to see a surge in demand when companies reopen their doors, and with good reason. 

Getting Your Hands On a Face Shield in South Africa

G.Fox sells many reputable protective items for consumers and corporations to choose from, including opening a brand new section on their website related to items which can help to curb the spread of COVID-19. This includes face shields, which cover the wearer’s entire face and are made from polycarbonate. These shields are inclusive of a brow guard, and can be bought in either clear or green. Whether you need one or a handful, G.Fox has you covered. 

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