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22 June 2020

Where To Buy Bulk Security Jackets and Vests in South Africa

Where To Buy Bulk Security Jackets and Vests in South Africa

Whether your next entrepreneurial venture requires it, or you’re looking to start a brand new business that will require security of some sorts, you may soon find yourself carving out some budget for security wear, which is not as simple to get your hands on as you might think. In South Africa, unlike in the U.S or elsewhere, you can’t simply walk into a supermarket and find a range of vests and jackets hanging near the gun aisle, as they do in Walmart. So where do you begin to look for options to buy these in bulk on local shores?

Why Are Security Vests Typically So Bright?

Before we dig into where to find these, you may have wondered to yourself at some point why security vests are traditionally a bright colour, often a lumo yellow or green. This is as they are meant to be high visibility items, reflective during the night and able to attract the most attention. These vests come in very handy when police officers need to track down security during high-risk events like music festivals, and can also help to differentiate the wearer from a suspect when there is a chase to track down a particular individual following a standoff. Security vests are multi-purpose and designed to provide the wearer with something comfortable and practical. 


Vaultex is a good place to start if you’re looking to get your hands on security clothing in general, as they supply full head to toe uniforms, as well as standalone items like vests and jackets. Proudly South African, with everything manufactured locally, they are continuously expanding their product options and are great at incorporating feedback into their newly released designs. From security combat shirts of the highest quality, to pants, pilot shirts and even long-sleeved options, they hit the mark when it comes to offering versatility, allowing you to choose exactly the items that you need before placing your order. 


G.Fox may be well known as a PPE supplier, but few people know they are a hidden gem when it comes to their security vests and jackets. The South African security industry has tremendous challenges, largely due to the high crime rates in the country. This means that they need items that are suited to any and all circumstances, which is exactly how G. Fox manufactures them in the first place. This is evident when looking at their range of combat and security uniforms, including their accessories. Their padded security jackets are perfect, especially during the colder months in the middle of the year

Simply Workwear

Simply Workwear caters to the military and security industries in a big way. From clothing to batons and all the way to belts and torches, they’ve got you covered. They’ve even gone so far as to encourage customers to reach out if they can’t find what they’re looking for, promising to do what they can to help track the item down. Based in Pretoria, this well established company sells a range of security combat shirts, trousers and pilot shirts, as well as jackets and vests that are designed using premium grade materials. If it’s good service you’re after, coupled with decent deals for bulk purchases, they’re a great option for you to explore.

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