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27 July 2020

Where to Buy a 2-Piece Conti Suit in South Africa

2 peice conti suit

Finding the right gear for your employees can be a headache, especially if you’re not sure where to look for reputable suppliers. If you’re looking to make a bulk purchase, it pays to gather a couple of quotes, and we’ve done most of the legwork for you already. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the best places to buy a 2-piece conti suit and other workwear items. These items are not only known for their quality, but the companies providing them also come highly recommended in terms of their service delivery, prices and their diverse range of product choices on offer. 

Buying The Right Work Gear Based on Your Business

When it comes to buying 2-piece conti suits, it makes a difference to consider what they will be used for. Depending on the industry your business operates in, you may need the suit along with some other items, or you’ll need to look at replacements in the medium term, rather than in the long run. Factor this into your budget and your calculations, and do a thorough assessment of the needs of your employees, ensuring that whatever you are buying meets the standards requirements to ensure they can go about their business safely and comfortably in any given day. 


G.Fox is a well known brand in the safetywear industry, with products sold to companies spanning the entire African continent. Their motto is to bring consumers the highest quality products ‘from source to supply’ and this is evidenced by the seamless user experience offered by their online store. Their 2-piece conti suits are manufactured in Swaziland from the finest quality fabrics, with a stamp of approval from the SABS as well. G.Fox produced over 18 000 garments a day, which indicates their popularity in the field. 

Overalls For Africa

Overalls For Africa is another option you can keep in mind, particularly because they offer a range of different 2-piece suits for you to choose from. Experiment with zippers, trousers, pockets and more when you look at their selection, which covers your employees from head to toe. These guys boast that their products are made from materials with a leaning towards longevity, with a stamp of approval from the relevant safety boards. Durable and form fitting, their 100% cotton conti suits are something else as well: breathable. This can make all the difference on an eight hour shift at work. 

Builders Warehouse

Builders Warehouse is a household name in South Africa, supplying all kinds of building and home supplies to consumers from all walks of life. They’re definitely a bit of a wildcard on our list today, mostly because their 2-piece suits come in a tremendously vast selection. You can handpick the parts to complete the conti suit, while also looking at additional supplies which can help improve efficiency in the workplace. While you may not get individual service from a giant conglomerate like Builders, you’ll have the benefits of corporate return policies and warranties, which can often make a difference when buying from a smaller supplier. 


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