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27 July 2020

The Best Suppliers of Bulk Toilet Paper in South Africa

toilet paper supplier south africa

The South African paper industry is fairly competitive, with multiple suppliers vying for the attention of companies across the country. When it comes to finding a good bulk toilet paper supplier in South Africa, be it for commercial or private use, you may think that going to the local supermarket is an option to pursue, especially when you see their advertised offers. Retailers add a mark-up to their products, regardless of whether it may be labeled as a “bulk offer”, and to avoid this it helps to go directly to a supplier of paper products for a deal closest to cost price. Today we’ll explore an alternative route, looking at the best suppliers of bulk toilet paper in South Africa. 

Why Buying in Bulk is a Good Idea

Buying anything in bulk is a good idea for two reasons: you have some backup stock available, plus you’ll likely get a better deal if you buy in bulk, rather than individually. This is why so many businesses choose to engage with suppliers about their bulk purchase specials, and a necessity like toilet paper is a fixed cost for any business. Getting it at the source helps to make sure you never run into trouble by not having stock, plus you’ll also get a great deal if you negotiate carefully with the supplier directly. 

MGT Tissue

MGT Tissue is an all-purpose supplier of high quality toilet paper to clients from various industries. Whether you’re looking for wholesale, retail or individual purposes, they are happy to ship to you within the borders of South Africa. Ranging from hospitals, shopping centers and even convenience stores, their track record has grown from strength to strength as they have a reputation for delivering excellent service in the process. For competitive prices (albeit that their product selection is fairly limited), get in touch with them for a quote. 


G.Fox refers to the toilet paper on their site as ‘bathroom tissue’, coming in a range of different options from various reputable brands. We like the variety they offer, especially considering that paper isn’t necessarily their primary business focus. G. Fox carries a lot of stock in-house, which enables them to fulfil short-term large scale orders with relative ease, sourcing products to customers both locally and internationally. They exceeded expectations in this area, providing a great choice of products that were of the highest quality standards too.

The Toilet Paper Guy

The TPG is an e-Tailer focusing specifically on supplying bulk exports of toilet paper in a range of different styles and types. These guys offer a host of delivery options, as well as monthly subscriptions for recurring orders. Their pricing was fairly competitive, especially if you order over 100 units (their minimum order quantity is 50) and they were open to provide additional discounts based on a longer standing agreement to do business together. If variety is what you’re after, and if you’re looking to try a few brands before sticking to one, this is a good route to consider. 


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