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24 August 2020

Where To Buy Bulk Toilet Cleaner in South Africa

Where To Buy Bulk Toilet Cleaner in South Africa

Getting your hands on a bulk purchase of toilet cleaner does not have to happen at a retailer, where you’ll likely be paying a little more than you would have if you went straight to a supplier known for servicing many industries in the country. A lot of businesses make the mistake of buying toilet cleaner monthly at their local supermarket, forgetting that they are paying a markup from the store, and also losing out on getting organised upfront and not having to worry that the company will run out of cleaning supplies anytime soon. Going directly to a reputable supplier also means that they can answer any specific questions you may have around the products, the chemicals they are made up of, and what to avoid when using the product in the first place. 

The Correct Chemical Balance in Toilet Cleaner

Toilet cleaners are essentially chemical solutions, used in conjunction with a toilet brush. These can be weak or strong depending on the product itself, but making sure you buy something with the correct chemical balance can not only get the job done, but can also avoid nasty surprises when it comes to injuries or reactions. Study the composition of the cleaner and make sure you’re buying an appropriate strength cleaner. It goes without saying that investing in a good pair of gloves is a great idea, and all cleaners at your business should be equipped with this, no questions asked. 

Cleaning Warehouse

Cleaning Warehouse is celebrating 20 years of being in business this year, and it can be difficult to believe that its founders started it with R200 in their pockets back in the 90’s. Initially a door-to-door business, after 2001 it grew into the online space and the business took up an entirely new clientele thanks to the internet. Once their factory was up and running, it seemed like nobody could stop them, until fate intervened in 2012 and it burned to the ground in one foul swoop. This would not deter them however, and in the time since, they’ve continued to work hard, in order to get back on track. Their toilet cleaner is now manufactured in 750ml to 25L versions, and tends to sell well with clients of all business types. 


G.Fox provides quality products that customers recognise with each purchase. Traditionally a safety and chemical solution product provider, they have branched out their offering over the years to include related products to enhance the overall experience. They now not only sell a reputable toilet cleaner and disinfectant, but you can get all the accessories alongside it too. Gone are the days of having to buy everything across a range of different stores; G.Fox offers a truly unique, one-stop service that will have you coming back for more in the years to come. 


Blendwell Chemicals is also an “old soul” in the chemical supplies business, starting out in 1990 as an industrial cleaning chemical manufacturer supplying wholesalers, contract cleaners and others with high quality products across South Africa. Eco-aware and always looking to innovate, Blendwell is renowned for their “TBC” (toilet bowl cleaner) retailing anywhere from R65 to R350 depending on the amount you are buying in one go. A great deal for any business, while also keeping the pockets of their customers in mind too.

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