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24 November 2020

The Best Squeegee Suppliers in South Africa

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Keeping windows in an office building clean, especially in a major corporate office, can be somewhat of a tricky task. Many companies require a specialised cleaning team that comes in every week to do so, while others depend on innovative new products that are designed to help make the cleaning process possible from indoors, typically with the use of magnets. Squeegees are an old and trusted product that gets the job done every time, especially when it comes to small business spaces and single floor environments. So how do these miracle products work each time, and where should you look to get your hands on the best squeegees in town? 

Ex-Squeegee Me, But How Do They Work? 

A lot of us have only seen squeegees in action, without really thinking about how they get the job done each time. This is somewhat like putting washing powder into the washing machine but never really thinking about how it goes about the cleaning process. Firstly, it helps to know that the most common squeegee out there is the hand-held window version, which typically works to remove cleaning fluid or water from any glass surface. The key is in the soapy solution, which acts as a lubricant and breaks down any tough stains. The squeegee then comes in to save the day, drawing the water-borne dirt from the glass and leaving the surface sparkling. Now that you know how they work, let’s look at the best suppliers in South Africa for you to buy your next one.

Africa Floor Care

AFC is a well established brand dating back to 1996, where their founders started selling cleaning supplies from their car boots. Pretty soon knocking from door-to-door would help them expand to adding a trailer to their cars, ultimately leading to them opening a warehouse space. These days their philosophy is simple: value for money, supported with value-added services. This is certainly the case when you buy their Pulex Window Squeegee, which comes in a host of sizes and at affordable prices across the board. Their online catalogue is a good place to start your search, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


G.Fox has a long history as being a premier supplier of PPE and other office necessities, especially for companies operating within industrial sectors. If you’re trying to find a squeegee, their range of products is sure to give you what you need. From mop, to telescopic, to car window options, they’ve got you covered for your personal or commercial needs. You can even choose between options containing wooden or stainless steel handles. How’s that for choice? We’re not surprised, as G.Fox has always been an industry leader, and a go-to if you’re looking for a range of options before buying. 

Builders Warehouse

Last but not least, you can try your local Builders Warehouse if you’re looking for an option to buy your next squeegee. The home of DIY, home improvement and building materials, Builders is known for supplying a massive range of products specifically designed to cater to the needs of South Africans from all walks of life. Small businesses and large contractors get their fair share of bulk deals from the company, and the same applies if you’re wanting to buy squeegees. Be sure to ask about their Academy Brushware window squeegee, which retails at around R110 each, and you’ll be on your way before you know it. 

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