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15 September 2020

Best Respirator Suppliers in South Africa

While masks have become an everyday product for many people around the world, some industries require more stringent face protection for their employees, especially when carefully taking into account the industry the business operates in. Respirators are a great alternative to consider, especially as they provide an added layer of protection almost incomparable to the traditional face mask. What are respirators typically used for, and how can you go about finding a reputable supplier in the South African market? Today, we’ll touch on this, as well as point you in the right direction for some of the best respirator suppliers on the market, to ensure you get your hands on the highest quality products before making a decision. 

What Are Respirators Used For?

Respirators are an important piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically designed to protect the wearer from hazardous atmospheres and substances. This includes reducing or eliminating exposure to fumes, gases, dust, microorganisms and more. This versatile piece of equipment is relevant to multiple industries in the world, but especially so as we navigate a new normal in the wake of the global pandemic. Respirators are used to protect wearers from exposure to viruses, just as they are useful in eliminating exposure to other harmful substances and vapours. 


If your business needs a couple of respirators to operate in a post-coronavirus world, start by exploring a company called Dromex. Known for their masks, cartridges and disposable items, the company considers itself a leader in the market for PPE. Their respirators come in various versions, including a full face mask option, an escape mask and even a twin half mask. They also sell detachable filters that can be useful if you’re working in a high-risk environment. 

North Safety Products Africa

North Safety is fast approaching their 70th birthday in the industry, and it’s worth keeping them in mind if you’ve got any kind of respiratory equipment in mind. Trusted for their excellent products, their respirators come in foldable versions with valves, disposable options, single half mask as well as twin alternatives. Better yet, you can buy a selection of filters in one go – their most popular choice showcases thirteen different filters across a single product. There’s no point in taking a risk and compromising quality, especially when you’re buying a respirator. North Safety won’t let you down. 


We can’t talk about any kind of PPE without mentioning G.Fox, one of the leaders in the industry. When it comes to respirators and being on the ball in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic, these guys have certainly earned their stripes. Their “essential products” catalogue, which was launched early in 2020, features single and double respirators, as well as disposable mask alternatives. Have a look at both of their 3M respirator options if you’re looking for a particularly durable option. Having served over 12 000 companies since they were launched, you won’t have to worry about being a satisfied customer irrespective of what you buy from G.Fox. 

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