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24 November 2020

The Best Hand Soap Suppliers in South Africa

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There’s never been a better time to prioritise your hand hygiene. It has been scientifically proven that something as basic as washing your hands thoroughly can help you avoid contracting common diseases, prevent the spread of bacteria and help to keep you healthy in case your immune system gets compromised. If this spurs you on personally or if you need hand soap for your business, knowing which suppliers you can bank on will make a world of difference. Today, we’ll track these down, while also talking about the importance of using hand soap throughout your day. 

The Power of Washing Your Hands For 20 Seconds

So many people are used to a quick water rinse after using the bathroom, or before a meal. As many experts from around the world have mentioned, especially in relation with COVID-19 and other similar common viruses, there is a lot of power in washing your hands with soap, and doing it for at least 20 seconds. A simple rinse with water is not good enough, just as it doesn’t matter if you buy a fancy soap known for its “disinfectant” qualities. Any soap will do, as long as you use it for at least 20 seconds when you wash your hands, and you remember to hum the chorus of your favourite song while you wash. Now that we’ve got that important fact out of the way, let’s look at some of the hand soap suppliers you can bank on in South Africa.


Initial is a company that has been around for over five decades, solidifying themselves as a trustworthy brand in the health and hygiene sector by supplying hand soap and other cleaning products to companies in a variety of industries. Their selection of hand soaps serve to compliment their range of sanitising products, which are expert tested and known to help combat the spread of germs. Their primary goal is to help companies create a healthier, productive work environment, and it’s safe to say they’re doing a fine job of it so far. 

Blendwell Chemicals

Blendwell Chemicals might have a little bit less of an inviting name, but don’t let that deter you from their product range. Established in the 1990’s with the primary goal of manufacturing industrial cleaning chemicals, they’re since started supplying resellers, wholesalers and even contract cleaners with products of the best quality. Take their ‘Hand Soap Plus’, which is a prominent feature of their online catalogue, for instance. Containing QAC, an active antibacterial agent, this is the perfect soap for hospitals, vets and kitchens that want to maintain their Michelin level health standards. Economic and biodegradable, you can’t go wrong with this product regardless of your commercial needs.


When it comes to cleaning and chemical products, G.Fox is typically front of mind for many South Africans. As a provider or reputable brands regardless across a diverse range of industries, their team goes above and beyond to supply commercial entities and homes with the best possible products. Their hand soap selection doesn’t disappoint either, coming in standard, anti-bacterial, foam and bar variants. Better yet, the quantities vary, so you can do your own calculation before you make a bulk purchase. They’ll deliver before you can say “sparkling clean”, and you’ll be a satisfied returning customer before you even know it. 

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