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05 January 2021

Best Bulk Washing Powders in South Africa

Buying bulk washing powder, whether your business depends on it, or if you’re looking to stock up for winter at home, can be a relatively expensive experience, depending on where you buy from. It pays to do some research around some of the best brands to spend your hard-earned cash on, rather than splurging on something that might save you a few rand here and there, but won’t give you the quality washes you need. So which brands are considered to be the best washing powders in South Africa? We’ll dive a little deeper into this today, while also considering what makes a good washing powder work in the first place.


How Do Washing Powders Work?

Washing powder surfactants help to improve how water reacts to wet things, how it spreads across surfaces, and essentially how it seeps into the fibers of dirty clothes as a whole. The surfactants are important because they are two sides of a very important coin in the cleaning process. The first, is that they are attracted to water on one end of their molecule structure. On the other side, the molecule is attracted to dirt and grease. This effectively gives a yin and yang balance to the cleaning process, and the better a washing powder is able to do this via its surfactants, the better the powder can do what it was designed to do. The brands on our list here do all this, and more. 



OMO is a household name in South Africa, providing capsules, powders, tablets, sachets and washing liquids renowned for their cleaning ability. If you’re looking to buy bulk, it helps to consider their brand for its long-standing tradition as a reputable offering in the South African market. OMO products are designed to tackle difficult stains, especially so as they have a drawcard in their arsenal that other brands don’t. OMO products have the ability to work effectively even at lower temperatures, meaning they are more accessible to the market as a whole, and will work even in situations where you may not have access to warm water right away. 


Ariel supplies a line of washing powders made by Procter & Gamble. The brand has roots in over ten countries around the world, including many South American portfolios. First popping up in the market in 1967 in England, Ariel’s washing powder was the first to contain stain-removing enzymes. Initially meant to just cater to the twin-tub and top-loading washing machines, they’ve innovated their products since then, now offering more options based on the needs of the current market. Ariel is typically more affordable than some other high-end brands, so buying washing powder in bulk from them may be a good choice if you’re on a tight budget. 


Skip Intelligent

Skip Intelligent Auto is revolutionary as it not only ticks all the boxes presented by its competitors, but their engineers have gone further by working in a way for it to help maintain the care and appeal of the clothes themselves. This helps your clothes last longer, and the same applies if you’re using it for linen and other sensitive fabrics. G.Fox stocks Skip Intelligent washing powder as part of their online catalogue, which is known for featuring some of the best products on the market today. If you’re wondering where to start looking, they’re a good option to begin your search. Good luck!

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