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25 May 2020

Alcohol Wet Wipes – A 2020 Overview

Alcohol Wet Wipes – A 2020 Overview

Wet wipes have become an increasingly popular household item in the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic. They’ve also become a common item for workspaces of all sizes, as wipes that have been impregnated with at least 70% alcohol are useful for companies to keep their employees safe from the spread of infection from surface to surface. What is global demand for alcohol wet wipes looking like as we head deeper into 2020, what are some of the most important surfaces to keep clean at home and at work, and where can you look to get your hands on wet wipes in case you need a bulk order for your business? All of these will be answered in our deep dive today. 

Outlook: Global Demand in 2020 and Beyond

While there has been a sharp increase in demand for wet wipes around the world in the first quarter of 2020, the expectation is that the demand will continue to rise even once lockdown restrictions are lifted, and especially until a vaccine has been developed and released. The world is getting used to operating in a “new normal” of sorts, that includes greater emphasis on avoiding the spread of germs, keeping your hands clean at all times, and mitigating exposure to risk wherever possible. Analysis aside, people will continue to remain fearful of contracting COVID-19 for months to come, especially as cases increase from 5 000 000 around the world, creeping closer to the 10 000 000 infections mark. 

The Ideal Wet Wipe in a Post COVID-19 Climate

Armed with the knowledge that wet wipes will continue to be in high demand even in a post COVID-19 climate, consumers may be unsure of which type of wipe to buy, especially as the market gets increasingly more competitive over time. The ideal wet wipes to look out for are typically those that are individually sealed, and manufactured from soft, non-woven fabric. The alcohol content, as with hand sanitiser, is an important consideration before buying. Effective wipes will contain at least 70% alcohol, and anything below may compromise its ability to destroy harmful germs. In times of relative uncertainty, consumers want to be sure that 99% of bacteria are taken care of, and as history has shown, 70% alcohol wipe stands a good chance of doing the trick each time.

Important Surfaces To Watch Out For

Wet wipes are versatile and can be used on a multitude of important surfaces, regardless of whether you’re at home, going about your day, or in a work environment. There are a few surfaces that can be more dangerous than others, which should be paid close attention to. Computers and keyboards are often overlooked, and these items are used multiple times in an ordinary day. All electronic devices, especially remote controlled ones, should be paid special attention to. Wet wipes should also frequently be used to take care of individual cleanliness during the course of the day. In a more commercial sense, wet wipes can be used on all surfaces and scanners, which can come in handy irrespective of the nature of the business itself. 

Bulk Orders: Wet Wipe Multi-Packs

Equipped with the knowledge that alcohol wet wipes are here to stay, and with a better understanding of what to look for, especially if you’re looking to place a bulk order, you can now explore some options in terms of finding a reliable supplier. G.Fox sells multi-packs of wet wipes containing 40 wipes each, with 20 packs being stacked per box. The company was quick to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, creating an essential services section on their online store, which continues to service individuals and consumers alike as the world navigates through these uncertain times.


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