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22 October 2020

Affordable PPE Suppliers in South Africa 2020

Personal protective equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, but finding the right supplier based on the needs of your business can be a challenge. The market is relatively competitive and if you’re a first-time buyer, you may not be sure who you can bank on. Today, we’ve done some digging to uncover three of the most affordable PPE suppliers in the South African market, in a bid to help you save on costs, especially if you’re also feeling the pinch from the resulting economic downturn, largely in thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Importance of High-Quality PPE

COVID-19 has forced businesses and individuals to revisit their day-to-day operations, and to view each new situation with a sceptical eye, especially as the world waits for a vaccine to be developed, tested and released. High quality PPE is therefore important for both personal and industrial use. Companies are required to adopt a strategy that includes looking after their employees while maintaining the safety of their customers too. Individuals can now find PPE useful for more than just home cleaning – some of these items are now must-haves for travel and any outdoor activities. The increased demand may have an effect on price in the coming months, so better to get a few quotes from the suppliers on our list sooner rather than later. 

Select PPE

Select PPE has been around the block and back again, and is considered a leader in the procurement and distribution of high quality PPE in South Africa. The strength of their catalogue lies in the diverse range of industries they serve, including manufacturing, hospitality, medical, security and even the petroleum sector. Over the past twenty years they’ve grown their business into the rest of the African continent, with very little signs of slowing down. We’re impressed with their COVID-19 department, which is a relatively new addition to their online store, featuring a series of relevant and appropriate personal and commercial PPE to choose from. 

Bramley Safety

Bramley Safety has been very vocal during the COVID-19 pandemic, urging their customers to stay at home and to rely on reputable sources before making any buying decisions. Based in the Johannesburg area, this business might not be renowned for its website design, but what sets them apart from a lot of their competitors is their regularly updated catalogue that comes with the latest prices. At the time of writing, the company was running specials on reflective vests, safety boots and even sun hats – a clear indication that they were looking to lessen the burden of their regular clients in the wake of the pandemic. With that kind of attitude, they can be expected to be in business for another 25 years for sure. 


G.Fox is a jack of all trades, and is well known as one of South Africa’s premier PPE suppliers. With an ever expanding catalogue, and quick off the bat to give consumers what they needed as the pandemic started doing its rounds in the country, they are a bankable option irrespective of the size of your business. What sets them apart from their competitors is the large amount of stock they carry in their warehouse, meaning that it will be unlikely that the item you are looking for won’t be available when you need it. While you’re there and having a look at their PPE range, check out their cleaning chemicals, paper products and industrial consumable supplies, all of which come highly recommended from previous customers. 

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