4 June 2020

Essential Product: Alcohol Infused Wet Wipes

G.Fox has launched a new COVID-19 essential product line of alcohol infused wipes. Perfect for hand or surface sanitising, they are available as individual sealed wipes or in a handy pack of 40 wet wipes. Manufactured from soft non-woven fabric, these wipes have been impregnated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol to kill germs, bacteria and disinfect.

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7 May 2020

G.Fox to donate hand santiser and masks to communities

As part of our coroprate responsibility and community outreach programs, G.Fox is donating hand santiser, masks, sewing machines and mask kits to front line organisations, NPO's and communities to fight the spread of the coronavirus and support underprivileged communities that don't have access to essential products.
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15 June 2020

First in South Africa, FFP2 Face Mask with Replaceable Filter

The vast majority of particle respirators and surgical masks available today for protection are single use only, disposable protection devices. This means that they have been manufactured to be replaced subsequent to a single use ...



11 May 2020

Why Infrared Thermometers Are Essential For All Businesses

This tiny device has the ability to measure whether someone has a fever in just a couple of seconds without the measurer having to make physical contact with the person being tested. This is ideal in the case of the coronavirus, which spreads as a result of close contact.


15 May 2020

G.Fox Offers Alternative to Alcohol Based Hand Sanitisers

G.Fox in partnership with their suppliers are now offering a liquid hand sanitiser which is alcohol free for those clients seeking and effective santiser without the effects of high percentages of alcohol.


13 May 2020

Liquid vs. Gel Hand Sanitiser

you may be wondering about the difference between liquid and gel hand sanitiser. In a nutshell, liquids tend to act more rapidly (roughly 15 seconds), leaving less residual substance on the surface of the hands and therefore providing less of a persisting layer of protection.


8 May 2020

Why You Need a 3-Ply Face Mask

Wearing a face mask can make a world of difference in helping to curb the spread of germs, and some nations are now insisting that citizens have to wear masks anytime they leave the home. While you may have been using a makeshift mask in recent weeks, it could be time to upgrade to a 3-ply mask soon, to help to prevent the spread of germs and illness.


5 May 2020

Face shields in the fight against Coronavirus

Some industries may require more protection than a face mask can offer, and a face shield is a great way to add a layer of resistance to the fight against COVID-19. Traditionally providing protection against flying particles, currently this product is being used to help protect employees from infections transmitted from sneezing and coughing.


1 May 2020

Coronavirus Essential Equipment for Schools

The type of cleaning products and safety equipment that will be in high demand once schools reopen formally include infared thermometers, hand sanitiser, face masks, gloves as well as other various COVID related products.